15 Puzzle by bar1010 (GAME, updated 21-04-2021 22:28:59) UPDATE
Logical game

Play eight variations of 15 Puzzle ranging from 3x3 to 10x10 grid sizes. The object is to put the numbers in order from left to right starting at the top left corner.

16_Puzzle 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 23-01-2022 10:54:31) UPDATE
Modified puzzle game

Fit the 16 randomly-generated pieces into a square frame so that there are no gaps or overlaps. You can choose Easy, Medium, Hard, or Very Hard difficulty.

2x20 Connector Breakout 2 by Lance Benson (lizby) (HARDWARE, updated 26-05-2021 19:14:12) UPDATE
Experimenter Board

This PCB breaks out the pins in the 2x20 expansion port on the CMM2 with particular emphasis on the ports: COM1 & 2, SPI & SPI2, I2C & I2C2. Eleven individual pins are brought out to 3-pin headers (0V, 3V3, and signal) as suited to the "37 sensors" type kits. More information and links to the EagleCad gerber and .sch and .pcb files are here.

That site also provides an MMBasic program which exercises most of the pins.

The gerber zip file can be sent directly to Five PCBs can be ordered for $2US--probably $10 or so with shipping.

3D case by Jonathan Wright (Neino) (HARDWARE, updated 27-02-2021 12:25:32) UPDATE
Nice Retromax case

Front ports for: audio jack, Micro SD card, power button, reset button, power LED, SD card LED, user LED.
Rear ports for: VGA, USB-B, USB-A, 2 Wii Nunchuck ports.
Snaps together.
Board can be mounted using M2 x 12 mm screws and nuts. Printable washers included.
Printable buttons for power and reset buttons.
This version does not have a port on top for the header pins. A future version is planned with the option of a removable port cover.

4 State Linear Automata 1 by yock1960 (GRAPHICS/SCIENCE, updated 19-04-2021 10:15:51) UPDATE

A program to explore cellular automata, in this case, 4 state linear automata. A cousin to the well known 'Game of Life', but with an initial state or generation as 1 line, that propagates linearly, down the screen. This program is the 'grandchild' of a program written for the Commodore 64 and published in the magazine 'The Transactor', back in the mid 1980's.

Air Rescue 1 by Matthias Grimm (GAME, updated 10-01-2024 21:55:52) UPDATE

The goal of the game is to rescue people from an hostile environment. The enemy will try everything to stop you. But be carefull in combat not to kill your people by friendly fire. Have fun

Akalabeth 1 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 14-10-2022 19:51:31) UPDATE
Ultima 0 ported to the CMM2

Originally written by Richard Garriott in 1979 for the Apple ][ computer, Akalabeth is seen as the first game in the Ultima series. Re-live computer adventure gaming from over 40 years ago as you strive for knighthood by performing quests for Lord British. Travel the land, purchase supplies and battle monsters in the depths of dungeons as you work towards becoming a knight.

Amazin 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS/SCIENCE, updated 11-05-2021 19:45:33) UPDATE
Create and solve maze

Creates a random maze, runs it, and then shows the solved path with excursions into blind alleys removed. Uses a depth-first recursive algorithm for both maze creation and solving.

Analog Clock 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 31-05-2023 23:16:54) UPDATE
Large clock

A large analog clock face. Parameters at the top of the source allow you to choose 12 or 24-hour display and whether to play hourly chimes or not.

Battleship & Battleship+ by bar1010 (GAME, updated 22-04-2021 17:06:57) UPDATE
Classic game

Battleship.bas allows for horizontal and vertical placement of five naval ships of length 2, 3, 3, 4, and 5. The grid size is 10x10 and one plays against the computer. The user can select between two versions. One version allows one guess per round. The other is the Salvo version where one receives one guess per round for each ship they have that has not yet been sunk. Control is via the keyboard. Battleship+.bas allows for diagonal, horizontal, and vertical placement of either 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 ships of lengths 2, 3, 3, 4, and 5. The user chooses the grid size which can be 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, or 25x25. One plays against the computer. Like Battleship.bas, the user can select between the regular version with one shot per round or the Salvo version.

Binary Coded Decimal Clock 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 01-11-2022 22:12:25) UPDATE
A little different clock

A clock whos display consists of 6 columns of colored squares that represent the digits of the hour (2 leftmost columns), minutes (2 center columns), and second. (2 rightmost columns) From bottom to top, the row values are powers of 2: 1, 2, 4, and 8. Each square shows a bright color when active. For instance, at 07:39:06, the illuminated squares are (left to right): column 1: nothing (0); column 2: yellow, green, blue (1+2+4=7); column 3: yellow, green (1+2=3); column 4: yellow, red (1+8=9); column 5: nothing (0); column 6: green, blue (2+4=6).

Boxes and dots 0.41 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 23-04-2021 01:29:10) UPDATE
Pencil and paper game

Boxes and Dots, the classic pencil and paper game, written for your Colour Maximite 2 with a mouse. Compete against your computer to capture boxes. Take turns connecting adjacent dots together with lines. Players score a box whenever they close the fourth side. The winner is the first to capture more than half of the squares.

Chemi Chaos (Redux) (One-screen version) by Lance Benson (lizby) (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:05:44) UPDATE
Logical game

This game was made for CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

The object is to sort the vials so that all balls of the same color are in the same vial. There are 10 rounds to play.
(Derived with permission from the original ChemiChaos game by @vegipete.)

Chemical Chaos 1.3 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 09-02-2021 00:02:50) UPDATE
Addictive logical game

There is chaos and confusion all through the chemistry lab! The chemicals have been mixed and mingled. Your task is to combat the chaos and restore order by sorting the chemicals. Move the coloured balls one by one until each test tube contains a single colour. However, you can not drop a ball on a different coloured one!
Runs on the Colour Maximite 2 and uses the keyboard or a mouse.

Chess 1.1 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 11-01-2023 06:22:43) UPDATE
Classic chess game

This is an update for Chess. Increased resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768. Provided a different piece set. Improved redrawing of screen process. Also added three chess variants that are at least somewhat playable. Two involve play on a 12x8 board, while the other is played on a 16x8 board. Like before the player plays against the computer with the computer making random moves.

Chess Puzzles 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 09-11-2022 02:47:01) UPDATE
Two programs

Find the best series of moves for White or for Black. One program features chess puzzles taken from various books. The other program features 320,000 puzzles in the small version and about 1.6 million puzzles in the full version. The puzzles in the second program are broken down into files by opening code. Press the space bar or enter key to see the solution and one of these keys again to select another puzzle.

Chiptune Drumsynth v10 by Ray (TweakerRay) (MUSIC, updated 16-02-2021 13:55:40) UPDATE
16 Step drum Sequencer

I have programmed a small Chiptune Drumsynth. You can programm 4 Channels (Basedrum, Snaredrum, Hihats, and ADditional Sound) on 16 Steps. You can randomize the patterns and you can change volume on each step. you can even temporarly store one pattern.

CMM2 User Manual v5.06.00 by Geoff Graham (DOCS, updated 16-02-2021 11:25:40) UPDATE
Most important guide for any CMM2 owner

This is USER GUIDE for last official firmware for CMM2.

CMM2 Welcome Tape Release 1.0.1 by MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS (GENERAL/DEMO, updated 16-02-2024 10:02:08) UPDATE
First program to run on CMM2

An introductory collection of programs for the Colour Maximite 2 in the vein of the Sinclair Spectrum "Horizons" tape, BBC Micro "Welcome" tape/disk and Apple II.
Created as a collaborative effort by the denziens of "The Back Shed" and curated by Tom Williams "thwill".

Cobo2 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 23-04-2021 01:26:12) UPDATE
Billiard like game

There Can Only Be One! Finish each level by knocking all but one ball from the field. However, balls cannot be tossed directly off the edge and at least one empty spot is required in the direction of travel.
Written for the original Colour Maximite in 2013, I updated this in 2020 for the new Colour Maximite 2 to take advantage of the improved screen resolution. Choose a numbered ball and fling it in the desired direction.

Color Wheels 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:49:03) UPDATE
Color demo

Color wheels showing all possible colors in 8, 12, or 16-bit color modes.

Comet demo 1 by Henryk Krasuski (DEMO/GRAPHICS/EDUCATION, updated 18-12-2021 20:25:11) UPDATE

set option overclock on before running
This demo is just me playing around with blitting and geometry
Inspiration from 1980's

Concentration by bar1010 (GAME, updated 25-04-2021 22:38:00) UPDATE
Card game

This is the card game Concentration. There are two variations. One is played with one deck of cards matching Diamonds to Hearts for each rank and matching Clubs to Spades for each rank. The other variation is played with two decks of cards matching pairs of clones. Control is via the keyboard.

Constellations 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 15-11-2022 11:04:54) UPDATE
Astronomy quiz

The computer displays 88 constellations and the user attempts to identify them.

Crate Away 1.5 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 16-02-2021 00:44:12) UPDATE
Addictive logical game

Feeling pushy? Get to work and push crates away to position them correctly. Just watch out, because you cannot pull them back.
This program is a CMM2 version of the classic Sokoban. Use the arrow keys to move the player around the level. Advance to the next level by pushing each crate to a target square.
The program recognizes standard formatted level files so you can find thousands more levels on the internet from sites such as this.

DemoX 0.9b by Mauro Xavier Neto (DEMO, updated 23-04-2021 19:10:28) UPDATE
This is the first Demoscene for the Colour Maximite 2

This demo shows, what can be done with CMM2 after such short time...

Dragonfly Game Engine 0.1 by Epsilon (GAME/TOOL, updated 27-03-2021 04:16:40) UPDATE
A Text-Based Game Engine

Dragonfly is a text-based game engine, primarily designed to teach about game engine development. Mark Claypool wrote a free book that teaches how to program a game engine from scratch. For more info, see the Dragonfly website.
This is a CMM2 MMBasic port of the Dragonfly Game Engine. Dragonfly as documented on the website and book, is a C++ Object Oriented Design. The CMM2 version, although written in MMBasic, has retained most of the Object Oriented Design, with some compromises for the sake of performance.

Enigma 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 10-05-2021 17:05:39) UPDATE
Enigma simulator

The Enigma Machine was the famous mechanical encryption/decryption machine used by the German military in WWII. It was advanced for its day, and if used correctly would have been unbreakable. A combination of operator errors, good luck, and outstanding mathematical skill by British, Polish, and French cryptanalysts, most notably Alan Turing, led to the breaking of many of the Enigma messages, which helped to shorten WWII and facilitate an eventual Allied victory. This program is an accurate simulation of the Enigma Machine, and lets users set up the rotors, reflectors, and plugboards exactly the way the real Enigma would have been set up. Messages can then be encrypted and decrypted exactly the way they would have been on the real Enigma. Substantial Help is included in the program.

Escape to the Green Hills (One-screen version) by Vegipete (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:06:17) UPDATE
3D maze game

This game won the 3rd place in CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

The alien command pyramid is hovering just above the ground. Your job is to navigate the maze like pyramid and find and activate the self-destruct device. Others have tried before you but apparently without success. We hope someone has left a message for you. As far as we know, all levels except the smallest one near the top, where we can infiltrate you, have an item of interest. But beware! Some of those items are likely to be aliens, greenish blobs according to reports. Destroy the pyramid to save the green hills, and hopefully escape out of the lowest level to tell the tale.

Etch a Sketch 1.0 by bar1010 (GRAPHICS, updated 11-07-2021 10:51:36) UPDATE
Simple drawing

Etch a Sketch allows the user to draw lines in eight directions with 256 colors in resolution 1280 x 1024. There is support for drawing simple shapes such as circles, ellipses, arcs, triangles and rectangles. The pen can be toggled up/down. Also included is Save, Load, and clear screen functionality.

FalFus2 r4 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 14-02-2021 22:49:40) UPDATE
Logic puzzle game

Slide matching tiles together to make them vanish.
Decades ago, I wrote a logic puzzle game for my Apple //gs with a Second Sight VGA card. Falfus was based on the game Puzznic. The goal was to clear each level by sliding matching tiles together. Two or more of the same tile touching along any edge would fuse and vanish with a pop. The player can slide tiles sideways only, and tiles fall when unsupported. After some fun extracting files from my Apple //gs, here it is, ported to the Colour Maximite 2. Uses a Nunchuk if found or the keyboard.

Final Fight 0.5b by Mauro Xavier Neto (GAME, updated 14-07-2021 18:48:01) UPDATE
Arcade game port

This is a non-profit port of the arcade game Final Fight from CAPCOM, made 100% in MMBasic for the Colour Maximite 2. THIS GAME IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND ONLY THE FIRST STAGE WAS DEVELOPED FOR NOW. THE OTHERS ARE ON THE WAY...

Flappy Bird by jeff510 (GAME, updated 14-02-2021 22:52:20) UPDATE
Arcade style game

FloodIt 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 26-03-2022 01:08:11) UPDATE

In FloodIt, you are presented with a board filled by randomly-colored squares. Your job is to help a flood fill that starts at the top left corner square to flood the entire board with a single color. Naturally, you are allowed only a certain number of moves to accomplish this, depending on the board size and the number of colors, both of which you choose. The game can be played using only the keyboard or with a mouse.

Function Grapher Demos by bar1010 (DEMO/GRAPHICS/EDUCATION, updated 23-04-2021 18:57:13) UPDATE
2D functions demo

Two function grapher demos are included. Function Grapher 2D Cartesian Coordinates Function Grapher Polar Coordinates Both demos show plotting of points on grids in a slideshow type manner. Each function is displayed at the top left of the screen.

Galton 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 19-07-2021 09:56:33) UPDATE

Simulates a Galton Board, showing how a Binomial Distribution (a discrete approximation of a normal curve) can be built up from a sequence of random events.

Gauntlet 0.4a by Mauro Xavier Neto (GAME, updated 04-12-2023 00:05:56) UPDATE
Gauntlet port for the Colour Maximite 2

This is a version of Gauntlet to Colour Maximite 2. I don't own any rights about Gauntlet trademark, this is only a homebrew project made by me in my free time, and for sure in the current state, it has lots of bugs. Keep in mind I'm only a Gauntlet fan with some basic developing skills and my target is only to challenge myself to port it to CMM2, it's not a project with profit intentions.

GoMoku by Gary Shannon (fiziwig) (GAME, updated 16-02-2021 13:18:01) UPDATE
Five in a Row game

Grandfather Clock 1.3.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 10-05-2021 16:42:36) UPDATE
A little different clock

A grandfather clock that displays the current 12-hour time on the main face, the phase of the moon on the top bow, and the sunrise and sunset times, the current date, and the UTC 24-hour time on inset digital windows. If the user puts his correct latitude, longitude, UTC offset hour, and local elevation above sea level into the constants at the top of the source code, all displayed values will be accurate for his locality.

Graphics Programming on the CMM2 3f by Doug Pankhurst (panky) (GRAPHICS/DOCS, updated 13-02-2023 01:51:19) UPDATE
A detailed tutorial on the graphics capabilities of the Color Maximite 2.

This is a compilation of the threads posted by Peter Mather as a background and deeper explanation of the graphics
capabilities of the CMM2. I have taken the liberty (with Peters OK), to post them on the forum with some additional
comments and explanations of recent developments in the hope that they will assist others in realising the full potential
of the CMM2.

Gravity Assist (One-screen version) by Tim Dorrington (TimD) (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:06:29) UPDATE
Action game

This game won the 2nd place in CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

The spaceship is stranded with only enough fuel for one last short engine burn; help it get back to the space station by selecting the correct angle using the left & right cursor keys then pressing [Enter] to ignite the engine, using the gravity of the surrounding planets to get it home. Watch out for the black hole – it’s barely visible but has a very strong gravitational field!
There are 30 levels, and each level has only one solution. At the beginning of the game, you can skip to a later level by entering the appropriate 4-letter code – otherwise, just press [Enter] to start at level 1.

Green Hills Saga by Vegipete (GAME, updated 23-04-2021 01:56:59) UPDATE
Game trilogy

March, 2021 was the month of the (perhaps first) Maximite One Page Programming challenge. The essential rule was, create the most amazing program possible using just a single built-in editor page of source text. Loosely modeled after the long running BASIC 10-Liner Competition, a full editor page was chosen to enable the creation of really polished programs.
I quickly whipped up as close a clone as possible of the classic Space Invaders, which fit comfortably within the size limit of 48 lines of 100 characters in the CMM2 editor. For silliness, I chose the name In Defence of the Green Hills of Earth. I decided to keep going and created a Missile Command clone, titled In Renewed Defence of the Green Hills. But why stop there? For my pièce de résistance, I was able to compress an eight level 3-D maze program into a single page. Escape to the Green Hills was my actual contest entry and was worth third place! Awesome!

GRF library v0.14 by JirSoft (TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 22-08-2021 18:52:21) UPDATE
Simple graphic library (info and loader)

It enables simpler use of some graphic formats, more info on GitHub...

Info and loaders for following formats:
• general : JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP
• Atari ST : PI1, PI2, PI3, PC1, PC2, PC3
• C64 : DD,HED, KOA, HBM
• ZX Spectrum: SCR, BSC
Also can save BMP in 8- and 16-bit colors.

Guardian by PeteCotton (GAME, updated 14-02-2021 22:53:28) UPDATE
Defender clone

Gutenberg 0.95 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GENERAL/DOCS, updated 02-11-2021 02:14:44) UPDATE
Text eBook reader

A simplish(?) text based eBook reader with 59 books from Gutenberg' library. Works well in most/all resolution/font combinations. Colour schemes selectable, book width on screen selectable, read place saved, read one page at a time or flip through book. Percent of book displayed as is save position.

V.95 resolves some bugs due to the way the MODE command works with fonts and clearing of screen. Easier editing for menu and reading mode/font. Colour schemes are now an .inc file for easier editing. Book files remain the same - instructions/license file updated (gutenberg.txt).

Hangman by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 23-04-2021 12:20:21) UPDATE
Pencil and paper game

Hangman includes 15 DAT files ranging from 4,006 to 466,514 entries mostly based on dictionaries. Most of these use United States English although there are files for Australian, Canadian, and British English included. Two other versions are included based on Wheel of Fortune and Videogames. There are four levels of difficulty. The number of wins and losses are shown for both the session and all time.

Hangman 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 14-07-2021 15:54:44) UPDATE
Classic game

A simple Hangman game with 3 different difficulty levels. You can have the computer pick words to guess from a 3000-word dictionary or one player can enter a word for another player to guess.

Heart Attack by Ray (TweakerRay) (GAME, updated 16-02-2021 13:55:44) UPDATE
Original game

Original game with simple graphics. Notable for its outstanding original mp3 soundtrack by the author TweakerRay on its title screen.

Heli-Blaster 1.0.0 by PeteCotton (GAME, updated 16-02-2021 16:55:16) UPDATE
Multi-directional scrolling helicopter shoot-em-up

Fly a helicopter around a 10,000x10,000 pixel map wreaking destruction on an enemy base. More details at TBS

HexEdit 0.6 by Epsilon (TOOL, updated 22-06-2023 05:07:13) UPDATE
after disguised disguised disguised disguised

HexEdit allows you to edit binary files, i.e. files that you can't edit with a regular text editor such as the built-in editor. The file's contents are shown as hexadecimal byte values and as ASCII code in two side-by-side blocks. Changes can be made both in the hex table section and in the ASCII section. The usual file navigation with cursors keys, page up&down, home, end, etc. should work as expected. Hexedit is a full-screen console-only editor. I does not work over serial, sorry. The file to edit can be passed in as a command line argument. Press F1 to get help on key bindings.

Hextiles 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:20) UPDATE
Hexagon demo

Another Demo program: fills the screen with a grid of hexagons that change color and size over a cycle of several minutes. I wrote this years ago in C for the Mac "After Dark" screen saver environment.

Hitomezashi 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 01-02-2023 15:47:31) UPDATE

Hitomezashi stitching is a Japanese embroidery technique creating a repeating pattern using only horizontal and vertical stitches. This program loosens the patterns using random numbers to create a tapestry with swirling colors. Users can specify from two to five colors in a pattern.

Hope Robot (One-screen version) by Mauro Xavier Neto (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 24-05-2021 13:12:34) UPDATE
Action game

This game won the 1st place in CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

You are a testing prototype nanomachine called HOPE ROBOT, which is the last hope of humanity to extinguish virus plague that spread to all the world.
Navigate inside human bodies and save patients in this nano adventure for your Colour Maximite 2.
Details can be seen in Mauro's video1 and video2 on YT.

Hunt the Wumpus 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:53) UPDATE
Extended text game

A version of the classic Hunt the Wumpus game from the early days of personal computers. The original game was strictly text-based. This version preserves all the original text, but also adds a dynamic map.

Iceberg (One-screen version) by Boris (realbobele) (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:06:59) UPDATE
Action game

This game was made for CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

In February 2021 a giant tabular iceberg named A-48 calved from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf and started to drift to open waters. You are member of an expedition intended to sample the marine life at the A-48 cleavage line and therefore entered the the gap between the iceberg and the main shelf on an agile but fragile little speedboat. You are far too busy with your research to notice the motion of the iceberg changed with it now drifting back to the shelf, closing the gap at alarming speed. When you realize the danger, you propel your boats engines to highspeed, desperately trying to escape the fate of being crushed between gigatons of floating ice. How far can you get?

Ishido 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 02-04-2022 23:06:37) UPDATE

Ishido is a board game for the CMM2. It can be played either with the keyboard alone or with keyboard and mouse. Ishido, the so-called "Way of Stones", was originally released for the Mac sometime in the late 80's or early 90's. It is a fun and challenging game of placing 'stones' on the board so that their symbols and colors match in various ways.

Isolation Jokes 1.0 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GENERAL/DOCS, updated 23-06-2021 10:04:15) UPDATE
Just for fun

Short program to load/display jokes to help through these social isolation times. A little laughter helps, and just putting joke file together has helped with my sanity. Currently there are 948 jokes included. Full instructions are in the archive.

Jeopardy Trivia 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 17-11-2022 00:44:47) UPDATE
Simplified version of the tv game show

The computer randomly selects about 210,000 questions taken from the television game show Jeopardy!. If the player has the correct answer, then the player’s score is increased by the question’s dollar amount.

Kaleidoscope 1.1.1 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 10-05-2021 17:05:49) UPDATE
Graphic effects

A simulated kaleidoscope that creates an ever-changing display of colored figures with 8-fold symmetry in a round field.

KitKatClock 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 10-05-2021 16:43:02) UPDATE
A little different clock

An emulation of the classic "Kit Kat Clock" with moving eyes and swinging tail.

Lazer Cycle 1.0.0 by Tom Williams "thwill" (GAME, updated 31-03-2023 13:56:04) UPDATE

A 1-4 player implementation of the classic "Light Cycle" game for Colour Maximite 2, PicoMite (VGA and LCD) and MMBasic for Windows.

Light Bright 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 27-10-2022 22:16:54) UPDATE
Simple drawing programs

Draw circles or squares on a 1280 x 1024 resolution screen. Four programs are included. Two utilize the keyboard. The other two utilize a Wii Controller. Up to 256 colors can be used. The size of the circles or squares can be changed. The screen can be cleared. A circle or square can be removed. The cursor can be shown or hidden.

Lunar Lander 2 v0.73 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 23-04-2021 01:38:21) UPDATE
Classic game

The lunar surface awaits. All you need to do is land. In one piece.
This game for the Colour Maximite 2 is a community effort by a number of members from The Back Shed Microcontroller Forum. I quickly cobbled a version together in July, 2020. Others enjoyed it enough to add sound, improved graphics and an instrument panel. I added some more at the end, including an explosion with shrapnel for those lander pilots determined to leave a spectacular crater. Fun was had by all.

Mahjongg Solitaire 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 08-06-2022 15:58:26) UPDATE

Mahjongg Solitaire for the CMM2. It requires a mouse.

Mancala 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 13-06-2022 12:09:27) UPDATE

Mancala game for CMM2. A mouse is NOT required. Mancala is the classic African game of stone moving and counting. There are only a few rules and the game seems easy to play, but there are devious subtleties and deep strategies to be discovered!

MAR 0.4 by Epsilon (TOOL, updated 20-02-2021 20:15:31) UPDATE
Archiving Tool

On CMM2, mar.bas allows you to roll up and optionally compress a directory tree into a single file archive, and vice versa. is an equivalent Python implementation intended for running on Windows, MacOSX or Linux. This allows you to create your archive on a host machine, transfer it over to CMM2 and unpack it there, and vice versa.

MasterMind v0.01 by JirSoft (GAME, updated 14-02-2021 20:23:24) UPDATE
Simple logic game from childhood

On the game begin computer randomly selects N colours from MAX count and store this as secret row. Task for player is to guess correct row with placing own choices in every round. On the round end, computer tells with GREENs points how many colors are on right places and with REDs how many are correct colour in wrong place. This should help the player in next row. You can adjust the game difficulty to match yours skill...

Math Matrix Inversion 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 22-08-2021 18:01:53) UPDATE
Matrix inversion helper

A short program to compute the inverse of 2D matrices up to 10x10 in size. The method is Gaussian Elimination, which is fast but has issues with numerical instability with ill-conditioned matrices. This is more of a demo than a really useful program because of the numerical issues.

Math Quizes by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 23-04-2021 12:27:57) UPDATE
As the name says...

Math Quiz features regular decimal (base 10) numbers. Other bases Math Quiz features hexadecimal, octal, and binary (base 16, base 8, and base 2) numbers. Both programs have addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with 52 levels of difficulty.

Max-E-Man 0.71 by Martin Scragg (realmnm) (GAME, updated 01-11-2023 00:05:21) UPDATE
Near arcade perfect Pac-Man clone

MaxiCalc 0.06 by Vegipete (BUSINESS, updated 27-03-2021 22:51:02) UPDATE
Spreadsheet Calculator

It's not just about games, OK?
Over 40 years ago, VisiCalc turned the Apple ][ computer into a valuable business tool. MaxiCalc won't do the same with the CMM2 but you will be able to have some spreadsheet fun with this program. And the 1024x768 screen resolution will show you far more spreadsheet goodness in one view than the Apple ][ ever could.

Maximite Expansion System v02 by PS labs (HARDWARE, updated 18-01-2022 14:35:57) UPDATE
Maximite Expansion System

PS Labs is preparing to introduce new Maximite Deluxe model called GEN2, since IDC40 pin layout will be changed in GEN2, You have to double check pin layout before connecting. Please refer to image below to find out how IDC40 connector should be placed on older and future (GEN2) models

Maxiterm 1.9.6 by John "Jay" Crutti (frnno967) (COMM, updated 31-07-2021 06:29:57) UPDATE
Communications terminal program for enabling the CMM2 to exchange data with other computer systems, via built-in COM ports.

ANSI Color Graphics, Xmodem File transfer, selectable monochrome font colors (White, Amber, Green) matching famous vintage terminals, autodialer phone book, retro terminal sound effects, configurable TTL/RS-232 COM port speeds

Maze programs by bar1010 (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 25-04-2021 23:30:42) UPDATE
Different mazes

Here are several of my 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional maze programs. Some involve finding a key before one can descend the ladder to the next lower level which increases in size a little each time. There are treasures to collect along the way. One version features colored walls, others have vector style graphics. There is a version which features multiple levels with many up and down ladders. Another version includes multi-screen 2 dimensional mazes. Some of these versions include a compass and ability to view a map/top view. Finally there is a 2D version which includes monsters.

Mazist v0.99 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 29-05-2022 04:03:15) UPDATE
Maze generator and solver

2D maze generation/solving program. Mazes can be 10x10 to 99x69. Included Save/load mazes for solving over several sessions, zoom function for small screens or poor eyesight or kids, mouse solve routines when you give up on a maze, mark trails or points in the maze to aid in solving.

MemEdit 0.2 by Epsilon (TOOL, updated 05-02-2021 13:04:06) UPDATE
Memory Editor for Color Maximite 2

MemEdit presents you with a view into CMM2's (virtual) memory and allows you to make changes. Essentially, it's a peek/poke front-end. The memory contents are shown as hexadecimal byte values and as ASCII code in two side-by-side blocks. Changes can be made both in the hex table section and in the ASCII section. The usual file navigation with cursors keys, page up&down, home, end, etc. should work as expected. MemEdit is a full-screen console-only editor. I does not work over serial, sorry. The starting address to view can be passed in as a command line argument, e.g. *memedit MM.INFO(PROGRAM) Commands such as goto and fill accept MMBasic syntax for address specifications, e.g. Go To Address (MMBasic syntax): MM.INFO(PAGE ADDRESS 0) Press F1 to get help on key bindings.

Minesweeper 1.0.1 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 11-05-2021 19:45:09) UPDATE
Well known game

Play an emulation of the classic Windows game of Minesweeper. You can play at the Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert levels.

MM Edit 4.1.4 by Jim Hiley (MAC-PC, updated 16-05-2021 13:43:32) UPDATE
A Windows editor for the Maximite and MicroMite

MMEdit was created to simplify writing applications for the Maximite computer.
The first versions of MM Basic required line numbers, something that I was happy to leave behind when working on my PC!
Since MM Basic version 3.0, line numbers are no longer required and it has a full screen editor, so the original reason for creating MM Edit has diminished.

Being able to write code on your PC and easily transfer the files between the PC and Maximite is still a good reason for using MM Edit.

Since version 3.5.17, MMEdit can use TeraTerm as the VT100 terminal. TeraTerm is a far superior VT100 terminal than MMEdit's built-in version.

Version 3.6.0 added support for the Micromite Plus.
Version 3.7.0 added support for the Micromite eXtreme.
Version 4.0 added support for the new Colour Maximite 2.

MMBasic and Astronomy Quizes by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 25-04-2021 22:37:41) UPDATE

Here is my MMBasic Quiz with 633 questions and answers and my Astronomy Quiz with 510 questions and answers.

MMBasic Online Manual by Jim Hiley (DOCS, updated 16-02-2021 12:25:03) UPDATE
Covers all variants of MMBasic in one integrated online lookup tool

This MMBasic syntax help system is based heavily on the MMBasic user manuals. It is intended as a quick reference only and not a tutorial on programming with MMBasic. With MMBasic it is easy to write a one or two line program to test a command and that is the preferred way of learning (by doing).

Morse Code Practice 1.0.1 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 10-05-2021 17:06:26) UPDATE
Morse code trainer

A Morse Code reading practice program. Users can specify random characters or characters from a text file. The code speed and beep frequency can be specified. Users can choose alphabetic characters only, characters and numbers, or the full range of characters, numbers, and punctuation. A special mode lets users learn the Morse Code using the Koch Incremental Learning method, which is a proven method for learning Morse Code and getting your reading speed up to practical levels.

Music 1.0.2 by William M Leue (MUSIC, updated 17-01-2023 14:24:13) UPDATE
Generative music

Plays 4-part music created by a generative algorithm and displays the notes on a musical staff.

M~Berto 0.8 by yock1960 (GAME, updated 19-04-2021 10:17:35) UPDATE
Q*bert like game

A clone of a well known arcade game of the 1980's. Gameplay is similar, but is not exact to the last detail. This is a work in progress and is the first ever arcade type game I've attempted.

Napoleon Commander v1.40 by JirSoft (TOOL/COMM/MAC-PC, updated 07-11-2021 17:46:01) UPDATE
File explorer similar to ancient Norton, Volkov and other commanders on DOS

File and directory operations on local SD card and from/to server (serial port or ESP8266/32 over Wifi with help of Python server, full support of CMM2 DeLuxe Edition)
• Operations like copy, move, rename, delete, search...
• Data viewers (TEXT, BASIC, HEX, SPRITE, IMAGE - also some C64, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST formats), simple HEX editor
• Simple proportional text viewer (ALT F4)
• Archive and compress
Now resolution independent!

New Colors Test 1.0.0 by William M Leue (TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 15-07-2021 12:33:31) UPDATE
Named colors preview

A test program for viewing and analyzing all 16 "named" colors in every possible color bit depth using 5.07 or later firmware. You can look at the colors with any of the 3 bit depths (8,12,16) and if you have Gen 2 hardware, in 32-bit depth. The colors are shown with their names, hex values and r,g,b component values. This program requires firmware 5.07 or later!

Nim 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 11-05-2021 19:44:31) UPDATE
Well known game

Play the game of Nim against the computer or another player.

NoClue v1.0 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GENERAL/TOOL/DOCS, updated 13-11-2021 12:46:58) UPDATE
Crossword Assistant

A little programme to find crossword solutions with minimal pre-solved letters. Input any known letters from the word you're looking for (3 to 20 letters). The 661,485 word and phrases dictionary will be searched for any matching patterns and the results shown. The word lists have been obtained by combining many freely available lists of crossword answers. The lists are plain text files and can be added to with any text editor.

NONchuk - Joystick/I2C/keypad/rotary interface 1 by CircuitGizmos (GAME/HARDWARE, updated 13-02-2023 04:14:25) UPDATE
HW interface

The NONchuk board provides a way to interface joysticks and other devices to the RetroMax. The intention is to use the I2C port on the NONchuk to connect to the Nunchuk interface on the RetroMax (or CMM2).

The NONchuk allows the Nunchuk port of the RetroMax to connect to joysticks and several other devices. Since there are a variety of different devices that can be connected, the NONchuk uses a MicroMite chip (the '170 with MMBasic installed) to run code for the task.

The NONchuck has a console port that can be used as the serial interface for programming the MMBasic code specific to how the NONchuk will be used.

The NONchuk features:
• Based on MMBasic '170 so it can be user re/programmed
• Support Atari (digital/switch) joystick
• Support PC (analog/potentiometer) joystick
• Operate as I2C slave interface
• Operate as serial interface
• Support 16 key keypad
• Support rotary module
• Support analog joystick module

The NONchuck board could also be used as a stand-alone MicroMite ('170 chip) board. For example it could be used with a joystick and various pins from the microcontroller could control relays, LEDs, etc.

Othello Max 1.0.4 by Stephane Edwardson (Lodovik) (GAME, updated 09-08-2022 10:13:03) UPDATE
Othello / Reversi

Here's an Othello / Reversi program for the CMM2 and also for MMBasic for Windows. It plays at a good level, has support for Nunchuck on the CMM2 and support for the mouse in Windows. Five levels of play, computer vs computer or two players against each other. Press F1 for detailed help and description.

Othello Max 1.0 (older, see the other entry) by Stephane Edwardson (Lodovik) (GAME, updated 27-12-2022 04:36:28) UPDATE

Duplicate entry, sorry. Download link is the same.

Pentominoes 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 08-02-2022 17:41:00) UPDATE

A puzzle where you try to pack the 12 unique pentominoes into a rectangle that is 6x10, 5x12, 4x15, or 3x20 squares in side. It is hard! The program includes sample solutions for each rectangle, but there are thousands more to discover.

Version 1.1.0 features puzzle save (F1) and puzzle restore (F2) commands so that you can save your work at any stage and restore it later to continue work or show a completed puzzle. The other new feature is a 5th puzzle layout that has an 8x8 grid with a 2x2 hole in the middle.

Picture Puzzles 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 21-11-2022 20:46:59) UPDATE
Similar to jigsaw puzzles

Four programs are included. Two programs are controlled via the keyboard and the other two use the Wii Controller. Two programs display 256 1024x768 puzzles while the other two display 86 768x768 puzzles. There are five sizes of puzzle pieces ranging from 12 pieces to thousands of pieces. One selects which puzzle to load or select a random puzzle. The pieces always have a square shape. Pieces can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise or 180 degrees. Two pieces can be swapped. One can view the completed puzzle and then go back to the work in progress puzzle. There is an option to hide/view the cursor. The program is split into three parts on github. Use 7-Zip Extract Here on the first of the three parts.

Poker Solitaire by bar1010 (GAME, updated 23-04-2021 12:25:45) UPDATE
Many poker solitaire games

Poker Solitaire and Double Deck Poker Solitaire — Each game keeps track of the one hundred top scores. Two sizes of card decks are used and four other sized decks of cards are included.

Polar-coordinate "Snake" 1.0 by Tom Williams "thwill" (GAME, updated 30-12-2021 17:23:56) UPDATE
A new "take" on the classic game

Use the keyboard (A, Z, <, > and Space) to navigate the snake to eat the apples without hitting the perimeter or biting its own tail. Every time you eat an apple the snake gets longer. Unlike standard "Snake" the game is played in a circular rather than rectangular playing field and instead of moving the snake north, south east and west the player moves it outwards, inwards, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

poly-intro 1 by Henryk Krasuski (DEMO/GRAPHICS/EDUCATION, updated 20-03-2022 20:40:31) UPDATE
Mini demo

Drawing a rotating star with the polygon command and double buffering

Programming with the Colour Maximite 2 by Geoff Graham (DOCS, updated 16-02-2021 12:10:01) UPDATE
Introduction to CMM2 programming

A tutorial covering the Colour Maximite 2 and programming in the BASIC language.

PropText v0.06 by JirSoft (TOOL, updated 07-11-2021 17:51:14) UPDATE
Library for proportional text

Simple library for use standard fonts on CMM2 as proportional ones. Started with version 0.02, you can mix standard (monospaced) PRINT and TEXT commands with proportional from this library. This library can be used for example in text adventures, because of better readability of texts...

initAll.PROP initialise offsets and widths for all built-in fonts
initFont.PROP(fnt%) initialise offsets and widths for font fnt%
text.PROP(x%,y%,txt$,al%,fnt%,fc%,bc%) similar to TEXT command, just size parameter is ommited
print.PROP(txt$, addSpace$) prints proportional txt$ on current position, wraps character to next line, without line feed, if the string addSpace$ is not empty, then to Nth SPACE (" ") in txt$ is added PX pixels, where PX=ASC(MID$(addSpace$, N, 1)), you can use TAB and LF chars in txt$
printLn.PROP(txt$, addSpace$) same as print.PROP with line feed
wrap.PROP(txt$) word wrapped proportional text output
justify.PROP(txt$, txtWidth%, dx%) full jutified left and right word wrapped proportional text with size txtWidth% written to offset dx%
justifyLine.PROP(txt$, txtWidth%, dx%) full jutified ONE LINE left and right word wrapped proportional text with size txtWidth% written to offset dx%. In txt$ is then returned non printed rest of text
getTextWidth.PROP(fnt$, txt$) returns width of the proportinal text in font fnt% in pixels
tab.PROP(t%) will set TAB position to every t%-pixels
font.PROP(f%) will set FONT
color.PROP(fc%, bc%) set foreground and background color

PSGmini v0.3a by Mauro Xavier Neto (MUSIC, updated 16-02-2021 13:27:11) UPDATE
SN76489 / NES 2A03 Simulator and VGM Player

This is not an emulator and is far from perfect. It's only a little include file for MMBasic and Colour Maximite 2 that play VGM files for SN76489 chips and with some limitations, for the NES 2A03. (USE LAST BETA FIRMWARE FOR THE CMM2 TO USE THIS)

PythgagTree 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 08-07-2021 19:35:38) UPDATE
Fractal paint

Draws a Pythagoras Tree fractal.

Radar Air Traffic Control 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS/SCIENCE, updated 05-11-2023 12:52:58) UPDATE
Radar screen simulator

A simulation of an analog radar screen with sweep and phosphor exponential brightness decay. A user-selectable number of simulated radar targets are shown, and a table shows transponder ID, range, and bearing for each target. Table values can be sorted by each target value and sorts can be changed to be up or down.

Resistors (One-screen version) by Mick (Mixtel90) (ELECTRO/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:07:16) UPDATE
Color bands to resistor value

This program was made for CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

The marked tolerance value on resistors is only a guide. In actual fact, resistors are selected on test for their tolerance after manufacture. It's unlikely that you'll find, say, a 5% resistor that's within 1% of it's marked value as those will have already been removed and sold as 1% resistors. Because of this, a resistor actually has two likely value bands, one above it's marked value and one below.
The enclosed program attempts to show these value bands, with a graphical interface to set the value of the resistor. Simply move the band indicating pointer using the B and N keys and press a key 0-9, S or G (silver or gold) to set the band colour. The value information at the right hand side is updated automatically.
The tolerance band will also show the more unusual closer tolerances that are available, although only 1%, 5% and 10% are calculated here. Many old resistors are 20% tolerance but this band hasn't been shown as it's unlikely to be of much interest now.
The program illustrates quite nicely how unlikely it is that you'll find a resistor that is exactly it's marked value.

Reversi 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 20-06-2022 08:59:22) UPDATE

Reversi (Othello) game for the CMM2. It can be played with or without a mouse. The computer's game play is good enough to beat a novice but only just.

rexec 0.1 by Epsilon (TOOL/COMM/MAC-PC, updated 31-03-2021 16:52:07) UPDATE
Remote command execution on host from CMM2

REXEC allows you to remotely execute commands on an attached host machine from the CMM2 command line. It uses server on host (Python3 needed) and Xmodem for data transfer (correct for filesize, so you don't end up with those pesky trailing bytes at the end of a transfered file).

Rock-Scissors-Paper-PATH 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 30-08-2022 11:54:15) UPDATE

A silly and easy puzzle game for CMM2. A mouse is required, sorry.

Rocks in space v0.1 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 02-04-2022 10:17:16) UPDATE
A copy of Asteroids for the CMM2. What more is there to say?

This program redraws the entire image every frame. The number on the bottom left is the time taken to draw the screen. The program is set to start a new redraw every 35 milliseconds. If the image frames start to take longer than this, then things could start to get laggy. It takes many many things on screen to get to this, a testament to just how fast the CMM2 BASIC interpreter runs.

Rubik’s Cube by bar1010 (GAME, updated 09-05-2021 14:33:02) UPDATE
Classic toy simulator

Rubik's Cube features a 3x3x3 cube that has tiles with six different colors. The object is to manipulate the tiles such that each face has all of the nine tiles set to the same color. There are two different views available.

SAAINT 2.0.3 by Tom Williams "thwill" (GAME, updated 17-08-2021 09:44:03) UPDATE
Scott Adams Adventure Interpreter

An interpreter allowing the classic works of Interactive Fiction (a.k.a. Text Adventures) by Scott Adams, Brian Howarth and others to be played on the Colour Maximite 2.
With Scott Adams' kind permission SAAINT is distributed with the 12 original Scott Adams Classic Adventures: Adventureland, Pirate Adventure, Secret Mission, Voodoo Castle, The Count, Strange Odyssey, Mystery Fun House, Pyramid of Doom, Ghost Town, Savage Island parts I & II and The Golden Voyage.
See this README for more information.

SAP1 Emulator 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 19-04-2022 21:25:44) UPDATE

The SAP1 is an educational model of a "Simple As Possible" microcomputer. It was created by A.P. Malvino in his text Digital Computer Electronics. This emulator incorporates a user interface inspired by YouTuber Ben Eater, who built a physical SAP1 computer out of breadboards and TTL chips, with no microprocessor. I also include an assembler for the tiny SAP1 instruction set, and some sample programs. The ZIP file includes the PDF version of the user manual.

Scrolling Maze 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 23-11-2022 22:04:44) UPDATE
2D mazes, find the key to exit

Three programs are provided. One is keyboard controlled and another is Wii Controller controlled. The maze can be up to 199 by 99 characters in size. Would like to offer larger mazes than that, but am not sure how to at the moment. The user selects the initial size of the maze and selects one of eight screen resolution modes. The player needs to collect a key on each maze level in order to unlock the door leading downward to the next maze which is a little bit larger than the previous one. Along the way there are six different treasure types to collect. The color of the maze walls changes from level to level. Three MP3 sound effects are used.

SIMON 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 05-07-2021 10:47:47) UPDATE
Classic game

SIMON has four game variations with four, six, eight, and twelve colors. Control is via the keyboard and firmware 5.07 or higher is required. Mode 15 which has resolution 1280 x 1024 is utilized. The computer selects a series of colors and the player tries to repeat the series.

SimplEd v0.42 by JirSoft (TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 22-08-2021 18:45:59) UPDATE
Font editor for fonts used by PRINT and TEXT commands.

Font editor for CMM2 fonts (created fonts can be used in MMBasic's PRINT and TEXT commands). Operations like edit, rotate, shift, inverse, fill... Import from BAS, INC and FNT files, font can be also scanned from any image, HT and PS/2 mouse support.
With help of SimplEd.CFG can be defined key shortcuts and on-screen-help, sample file is on GitHub. There is also short program Show_Keys.BAS, it can be used for finding proper key combination needed...
Macros can be saved/loaded to/from text file, so you can build a macro-library.

SlashMaze 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:07) UPDATE
Commodore like RND maze

An emulation of the famous Commodore Pet "10PRINT" one-line BASIC maze generator. On the Pet, the characters were made on an 8x8 pixel grid, and the forward and backward slash characters filled that grid from corner to corner, which made the one-line program possible. This program for CMM2 produces the same result, but alas, with more lines of BASIC.

Solitare 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 27-04-2022 19:19:42) UPDATE

A solitaire game for the CMM2 that lets you play any of 10 different games: Klondike, Canfield, EightOff, PileOn, Yukon, Golf, FreeCell, FourSeasons, and BeleaguredCastle. It does require a mouse; sorry! I could not find a good way to allow for a fun playing experience without a mouse.

Space invaders by Caspian (capsikin) (GAME, updated 16-02-2021 13:23:02) UPDATE
Well known game

Rough conversion (by Capsikin) of a version of Space Invaders written for the original Maximite (by Fabrice Muller). The zip file contains multiple versions and it is in need of some TLC.

Space Trek 0.1 by John DiFelici (johnd) (GAME, updated 18-02-2021 10:41:51) UPDATE
Star Trek clone

Similar to the classic Star-Trek game but more graphical in nature. This is still in development, though I'm busy with other things at the moment, but you can go around blasting enemies and resupplying at the supply pods.

Spell & Speak by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 23-04-2021 12:22:28) UPDATE
Electronic child computer adaptation

Spell & Speak is a spelling game using text to speech. There are two versions included. One features 8,000 spelling words while the other uses over 117,000 words from a collegiate dictionary.

SpinClock 1.1.2 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 10-05-2021 16:42:45) UPDATE
A little different clock

A digital clock that can be set to show 12-hour or 24-hour time by changing a constant at the top of the source code. Each large digit is made up of a 4 x 6 rectangle of small "clock dials" that spin to different positions when the digits of the current time change.

SplitScreen library 0.05 by JirSoft (GAME/TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 15-12-2021 22:44:51) UPDATE
Library for screen splitting

It enables to split screen into areas, print text into it or load image. It can be used for example for text games with pictures. Example BAS file is included, more info on GitHub...
• SUB init.SPLIT(cs$, dx%, dy%, w%, h%)
• SUB setStyle.SPLIT(cs$, t%, f%, fc%, bc%)
• SUB cls.SPLIT(cs$)
• SUB print.SPLIT(cs$, txt$)
• FUNCTION loadImage.SPLIT(cs$, fn$, iw%, ih%)
• FUNCTION input.SPLIT(cs$, allowedChars$, maxLen%) AS STRING

Sudoku 1.2.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 27-11-2023 19:46:58) UPDATE
Well known game

Allows you to create, load, save and solve Sudoku puzzles with some limited computer assistance.

Sunset Puzzle 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 26-05-2021 18:22:11) UPDATE
Modified puzzle game

A sliding block puzzle somewhat similar to the "15" puzzle but with blocks of 3 different sizes.

The 1.1.0 update adds an automated solution. You trigger the solution by pressing the '@' key. A screen allows you to choose how much of the full solution to see, and also to view the solution at 1, 2 4, or 8 moves per second.

Tank versus UFO 1.0 by Schlowski (GAME, updated 15-02-2021 16:47:46) UPDATE
Simple ASCII graphics game

Shoot UFOs with your tank but beware of their bombs!

Ten Line Sokoban (One-screen version) by Harm (Volhout) (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:07:30) UPDATE
Logical game

This program was made for CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

Use your man to push the green boxes onto the yellow crosses. You can only push the boxes, not pull them. There are 20 levels. The level is shown in the left top corner.

Testing WII Controller 1.0 by ASandr (TOOL, updated 11-06-2021 00:15:13) UPDATE
Controller text

This little program tests the buttons and analog sticks on WII Controller Classic Pro.

Tetris 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 03-08-2022 12:41:19) UPDATE

Tetris game for CMM2. The game play, controls, and scoring algorithm are all as close to classic Tetris as I can get them.

ThatDiceGame 1 by yock1960 (GAME, updated 19-04-2021 10:15:45) UPDATE
Many dice games

Common dice game, where players try to make poker hands from 3 rolls of the dice per turn. The 'impossible' poker hand of 5 of a kind, earns the highest score, if you have a score slot to play it!

TicTacToe 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 24-10-2023 12:38:15) UPDATE
Well known game

Play the game of TicTacToe against the computer or another player.

Tower of Hanoi (One-screen version) by JirSoft (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:07:00) UPDATE
Logical game

This game was made for CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

You have just one task: move all discs from pillar 1 to pillar 3 with the help of pillar 2.
There is just one rule, you can't put a bigger disc onto a smaller one.

Tower of Illinois 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 07-07-2021 07:51:37) UPDATE
Modification of a classic game

Tower of Illinois adds a 4th pillar to the Tower of Hanoi puzzle game. Build a tower up to 16 blocks high. Control is via the keyboard. Program code based on code from Tower of Hanoi by JirSoft.

Towers of Hanoi 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:39) UPDATE
Classic game

The classic Towers of Hanoi puzzle. Move a stack of discs from one tower to another, moving one disc at a time and never allowing a larger disc to lie on top of a smaller disc. You can solve the puzzle yourself, or watch the computer solve it. There are a user-selectable number of discs, up to 12. (12 discs take 4095 moves in the optimal solution!)

Truchet Tiles 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:31) UPDATE
Tile demo

A random, infinitely scrolling maze made of Truchet Tiles. The colors gradually change over a time period of a few minutes.

TSCP Chess 2.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 04-10-2022 00:19:12) UPDATE
Chess program

TSCP Chess v2 - Original Code by Tom Kerrigan, converted to MMBasic by ceptimus in 2019, graphical enhancements by bar1010 in 2022
New pieces set, higher resolution 1280x1024 graphics
Included are the original version and the new version.
Play chess against a computer opponent.

TUI library v0.50 by JirSoft (GENERAL/TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 04-12-2021 22:58:06) UPDATE
Simple text UI library

Simple LIB_TEST.BAS file is included, more info on GitHub...
• SUB TUIinfo(title AS STRING, txt() AS STRING, logo AS INTEGER)
• SUB TUIwaitingProgress(coord AS STRING, perc AS INTEGER)
• SUB TUIwaitingOFF(coord AS STRING)
• SUB TUIwarning(title AS STRING, txt AS STRING)
• SUB TUIemptyOFF(coord AS STRING)
• SUB TUIwaitForKey
• SUB TUIwaitForNoKey

Turing Machine 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 10-05-2021 16:43:31) UPDATE
Turing machine simulator

A Turing Machine is a theoretical model of machine computation invented by Alan Turing in a famous 1936 paper. Turing is acknowledged to be one of the principal fathers of the digital computer. Turing Machines are still used as the reference model for researching topics such as computational complexity. This program allows you to create, load, and save Turing Machine programs and run them either in a tabular or graphical format. The screen shot is of a graphical view. Several Turing Machine programs are included in the folder "Programs". The program has substantial Help features to explain Turing Machines.

WaterSort 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 02-03-2022 22:28:04) UPDATE

A WaterSort game for CMM2. It requires a mouse to play. Comes with a large number of puzzles from easy to hard. Has unlimited Undo to help you solve the hard ones. It also saves your solutions when you solve a puzzle.

Wolfstein 3D 0.7a by Mauro Xavier Neto (GAME, updated 10-03-2023 14:07:31) UPDATE
Wolfenstein 3D version from scratch

Wolfenstein 3D version made from scratch for Colour Maximite 2 (work in progress).
Warning: Contains blood and images that may be disturbing to a sensitive audience (swastika).

Word Scramble 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 14-11-2022 02:59:34) UPDATE
Unscramble words and phrases

The computer scrambles a word or phrase and the player attempts to unscramble it. A number of dictionaries are utilized with varying numbers of words. There are several DAT files with phrases included, such as ones based on Wheel of Fortune, Videogames, Chess, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and The Elder Scrolls.

Word Search 3.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 05-07-2021 21:36:36) UPDATE
Play 147 variations of Word Search

Word Search version 3 contains a number of new features. Firmware 5.07 or higher is required due to utilization of mode 15 with 1280 x 1024 resolution. There are
seven font sizes, three game types, and seven dictionary sizes for the user to choose. Game types one and two now show the number of words remaining and total words in the word list. Control is via the keyboard. The spacebar highlights a letter.

Wordle 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 12-01-2022 08:39:24) UPDATE

"Wordle" is a word guessing game that has become quite popular, with web and phone versions. My version for CMM2 plays the same as the other versions. Warning: addictive!

World and State Capitals quizzes 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 03-11-2022 18:11:21) UPDATE
Two quiz programs

World and State Capitals There are three files to download within GitHub. Use 7-Zip Extract Here on the first file. There are 197 Countries and their Capitals in World Capitals. There are 71 States and Territories and their Capitals in State Capitals.

Wurmli 1.0 by Nautilus (GAME, updated 14-02-2021 15:46:18) UPDATE
A snake game for the CMM2

xDragon Game Engine 0.1 by Epsilon (DEMO/GAME/TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 25-05-2021 17:24:48) UPDATE
A CMM2 Game Engine.

xDragon is a 2D game engine in tune with the CMM2 feature set. The engine is geared towards arcade style action games such as shooters, platformers, top-down racers etc.

XEdit 0.10 by Epsilon (GENERAL/TOOL, updated 24-04-2021 11:02:38) UPDATE
XEdit Text Editor for Color Maximite 2

XEdit is a text editor written in MMBasic. The editor supports up to two windows (Hsplit/Vsplit or no split) and up to two buffers (files). The two buffers can be freely assigned to windows and two windows can present separate views into a single buffer. XEdit supports undo, macro recording, MMBasic syntax highlighting as well as the usual complement of editor operations: cut/copy/paste, find/replace, indent/unident selections, insert/overwrite mode, goto line.

xFind 0.2 by Epsilon (TOOL, updated 23-04-2021 21:43:59) UPDATE
String Find across Files

xFind finds all occurrences of a given text string across files specified by a filespec or directory.

Yellow River Kingdom 1.0.3 by Tom Williams "thwill" (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 17-08-2021 09:44:24) UPDATE
Classic BBC Micro edutainment title

The original version of Yellow River Kingdom was an edutainment title included on the BBC Micro Welcome Tape/Disc and is a variant on the classic Hamurabi game.
It was (c) BBC Soft, 1981 and written by Tom Hartley, Jerry Temple-Fry and Richard G Warner.
I like to think that every British child in the 80's and early 90's would either have played this game or at least watched someone else play it on their school BBC Micro - often, at least early on, there was only one BBC per school and it was wheeled from classroom to classroom on a special trolley along with its obligatory CUB Microtech monitor.
This version was ported to MMBasic 5.07 by Thomas Hugo Williams in 2021 starting from this source code:

Z-MIM r3 by Tom Williams "thwill" (GAME, updated 11-02-2021 12:22:16) UPDATE
Play Zork on the Colour Maximite 2

Z-MIM is a Z-machine interpreter allowing the classic Infocom works of interactive fiction to be played on the Colour Maximite 2. This version is limited to files in the .z3 format but all the early classics are available in that format: Ballyhoo, Cuthroats, Enchanter, Hollywood Hijinx, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, The Lurking Horror, Planetfall, Plundered Hearts, Seastalker, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker, Wishbringer, Infidel and of course Zork I-III.