Amazin 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS/SCIENCE, updated 11-05-2021 19:45:33) UPDATE
Create and solve maze

Creates a random maze, runs it, and then shows the solved path with excursions into blind alleys removed. Uses a depth-first recursive algorithm for both maze creation and solving.

CMM2 Welcome Tape Release 1.0.1 by MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS (GENERAL/DEMO, updated 21-08-2021 16:54:04) UPDATE
First program to run on CMM2

An introductory collection of programs for the Colour Maximite 2 in the vein of the Sinclair Spectrum "Horizons" tape, BBC Micro "Welcome" tape/disk and Apple II.
Created as a collaborative effort by the denziens of "The Back Shed" and curated by Tom Williams "thwill".

Color Wheels 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:49:03) UPDATE
Color demo

Color wheels showing all possible colors in 8, 12, or 16-bit color modes.

Comet demo 1 by Henryk Krasuski (DEMO/GRAPHICS/EDUCATION, updated 18-12-2021 20:25:11) UPDATE

set option overclock on before running
This demo is just me playing around with blitting and geometry
Inspiration from 1980's

DemoX 0.9b by Mauro Xavier Neto (DEMO, updated 23-04-2021 19:10:28) UPDATE
This is the first Demoscene for the Colour Maximite 2

This demo shows, what can be done with CMM2 after such short time...

Function Grapher Demos by bar1010 (DEMO/GRAPHICS/EDUCATION, updated 23-04-2021 18:57:13) UPDATE
2D functions demo

Two function grapher demos are included. Function Grapher 2D Cartesian Coordinates Function Grapher Polar Coordinates Both demos show plotting of points on grids in a slideshow type manner. Each function is displayed at the top left of the screen.

Galton 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 19-07-2021 09:56:33) UPDATE

Simulates a Galton Board, showing how a Binomial Distribution (a discrete approximation of a normal curve) can be built up from a sequence of random events.

Hextiles 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:20) UPDATE
Hexagon demo

Another Demo program: fills the screen with a grid of hexagons that change color and size over a cycle of several minutes. I wrote this years ago in C for the Mac "After Dark" screen saver environment.

Hitomezashi 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 01-02-2023 15:47:31) UPDATE

Hitomezashi stitching is a Japanese embroidery technique creating a repeating pattern using only horizontal and vertical stitches. This program loosens the patterns using random numbers to create a tapestry with swirling colors. Users can specify from two to five colors in a pattern.

Kaleidoscope 1.1.1 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 10-05-2021 17:05:49) UPDATE
Graphic effects

A simulated kaleidoscope that creates an ever-changing display of colored figures with 8-fold symmetry in a round field.

Math Matrix Inversion 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 22-08-2021 18:01:53) UPDATE
Matrix inversion helper

A short program to compute the inverse of 2D matrices up to 10x10 in size. The method is Gaussian Elimination, which is fast but has issues with numerical instability with ill-conditioned matrices. This is more of a demo than a really useful program because of the numerical issues.

poly-intro 1 by Henryk Krasuski (DEMO/GRAPHICS/EDUCATION, updated 20-03-2022 20:40:31) UPDATE
Mini demo

Drawing a rotating star with the polygon command and double buffering

PythgagTree 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 08-07-2021 19:35:38) UPDATE
Fractal paint

Draws a Pythagoras Tree fractal.

SlashMaze 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:07) UPDATE
Commodore like RND maze

An emulation of the famous Commodore Pet "10PRINT" one-line BASIC maze generator. On the Pet, the characters were made on an 8x8 pixel grid, and the forward and backward slash characters filled that grid from corner to corner, which made the one-line program possible. This program for CMM2 produces the same result, but alas, with more lines of BASIC.

Truchet Tiles 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:31) UPDATE
Tile demo

A random, infinitely scrolling maze made of Truchet Tiles. The colors gradually change over a time period of a few minutes.

xDragon Game Engine 0.1 by Epsilon (DEMO/GAME/TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 25-05-2021 17:24:48) UPDATE
A CMM2 Game Engine.

xDragon is a 2D game engine in tune with the CMM2 feature set. The engine is geared towards arcade style action games such as shooters, platformers, top-down racers etc.