Comet demo 1 by Henryk Krasuski (DEMO/GRAPHICS/EDUCATION, updated 18-12-2021 20:25:11) UPDATE

set option overclock on before running
This demo is just me playing around with blitting and geometry
Inspiration from 1980's

Constellations 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 15-11-2022 11:04:54) UPDATE
Astronomy quiz

The computer displays 88 constellations and the user attempts to identify them.

Enigma 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 10-05-2021 17:05:39) UPDATE
Enigma simulator

The Enigma Machine was the famous mechanical encryption/decryption machine used by the German military in WWII. It was advanced for its day, and if used correctly would have been unbreakable. A combination of operator errors, good luck, and outstanding mathematical skill by British, Polish, and French cryptanalysts, most notably Alan Turing, led to the breaking of many of the Enigma messages, which helped to shorten WWII and facilitate an eventual Allied victory. This program is an accurate simulation of the Enigma Machine, and lets users set up the rotors, reflectors, and plugboards exactly the way the real Enigma would have been set up. Messages can then be encrypted and decrypted exactly the way they would have been on the real Enigma. Substantial Help is included in the program.

Function Grapher Demos by bar1010 (DEMO/GRAPHICS/EDUCATION, updated 23-04-2021 18:57:13) UPDATE
2D functions demo

Two function grapher demos are included. Function Grapher 2D Cartesian Coordinates Function Grapher Polar Coordinates Both demos show plotting of points on grids in a slideshow type manner. Each function is displayed at the top left of the screen.

Galton 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 19-07-2021 09:56:33) UPDATE

Simulates a Galton Board, showing how a Binomial Distribution (a discrete approximation of a normal curve) can be built up from a sequence of random events.

Hangman by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 23-04-2021 12:20:21) UPDATE
Pencil and paper game

Hangman includes 15 DAT files ranging from 4,006 to 466,514 entries mostly based on dictionaries. Most of these use United States English although there are files for Australian, Canadian, and British English included. Two other versions are included based on Wheel of Fortune and Videogames. There are four levels of difficulty. The number of wins and losses are shown for both the session and all time.

Hangman 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 14-07-2021 15:54:44) UPDATE
Classic game

A simple Hangman game with 3 different difficulty levels. You can have the computer pick words to guess from a 3000-word dictionary or one player can enter a word for another player to guess.

Jeopardy Trivia 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 17-11-2022 00:44:47) UPDATE
Simplified version of the tv game show

The computer randomly selects about 210,000 questions taken from the television game show Jeopardy!. If the player has the correct answer, then the player’s score is increased by the question’s dollar amount.

Math Matrix Inversion 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 22-08-2021 18:01:53) UPDATE
Matrix inversion helper

A short program to compute the inverse of 2D matrices up to 10x10 in size. The method is Gaussian Elimination, which is fast but has issues with numerical instability with ill-conditioned matrices. This is more of a demo than a really useful program because of the numerical issues.

Math Quizes by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 23-04-2021 12:27:57) UPDATE
As the name says...

Math Quiz features regular decimal (base 10) numbers. Other bases Math Quiz features hexadecimal, octal, and binary (base 16, base 8, and base 2) numbers. Both programs have addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with 52 levels of difficulty.

MMBasic and Astronomy Quizes by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 25-04-2021 22:37:41) UPDATE

Here is my MMBasic Quiz with 633 questions and answers and my Astronomy Quiz with 510 questions and answers.

Morse Code Practice 1.0.1 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 10-05-2021 17:06:26) UPDATE
Morse code trainer

A Morse Code reading practice program. Users can specify random characters or characters from a text file. The code speed and beep frequency can be specified. Users can choose alphabetic characters only, characters and numbers, or the full range of characters, numbers, and punctuation. A special mode lets users learn the Morse Code using the Koch Incremental Learning method, which is a proven method for learning Morse Code and getting your reading speed up to practical levels.

poly-intro 1 by Henryk Krasuski (DEMO/GRAPHICS/EDUCATION, updated 20-03-2022 20:40:31) UPDATE
Mini demo

Drawing a rotating star with the polygon command and double buffering

SAP1 Emulator 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 19-04-2022 21:25:44) UPDATE

The SAP1 is an educational model of a "Simple As Possible" microcomputer. It was created by A.P. Malvino in his text Digital Computer Electronics. This emulator incorporates a user interface inspired by YouTuber Ben Eater, who built a physical SAP1 computer out of breadboards and TTL chips, with no microprocessor. I also include an assembler for the tiny SAP1 instruction set, and some sample programs. The ZIP file includes the PDF version of the user manual.

Spell & Speak by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 23-04-2021 12:22:28) UPDATE
Electronic child computer adaptation

Spell & Speak is a spelling game using text to speech. There are two versions included. One features 8,000 spelling words while the other uses over 117,000 words from a collegiate dictionary.

Turing Machine 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 10-05-2021 16:43:31) UPDATE
Turing machine simulator

A Turing Machine is a theoretical model of machine computation invented by Alan Turing in a famous 1936 paper. Turing is acknowledged to be one of the principal fathers of the digital computer. Turing Machines are still used as the reference model for researching topics such as computational complexity. This program allows you to create, load, and save Turing Machine programs and run them either in a tabular or graphical format. The screen shot is of a graphical view. Several Turing Machine programs are included in the folder "Programs". The program has substantial Help features to explain Turing Machines.

Word Search 3.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 05-07-2021 21:36:36) UPDATE
Play 147 variations of Word Search

Word Search version 3 contains a number of new features. Firmware 5.07 or higher is required due to utilization of mode 15 with 1280 x 1024 resolution. There are
seven font sizes, three game types, and seven dictionary sizes for the user to choose. Game types one and two now show the number of words remaining and total words in the word list. Control is via the keyboard. The spacebar highlights a letter.

World and State Capitals quizzes 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 03-11-2022 18:11:21) UPDATE
Two quiz programs

World and State Capitals There are three files to download within GitHub. Use 7-Zip Extract Here on the first file. There are 197 Countries and their Capitals in World Capitals. There are 71 States and Territories and their Capitals in State Capitals.

Yellow River Kingdom 1.0.3 by Tom Williams "thwill" (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 17-08-2021 09:44:24) UPDATE
Classic BBC Micro edutainment title

The original version of Yellow River Kingdom was an edutainment title included on the BBC Micro Welcome Tape/Disc and is a variant on the classic Hamurabi game.
It was (c) BBC Soft, 1981 and written by Tom Hartley, Jerry Temple-Fry and Richard G Warner.
I like to think that every British child in the 80's and early 90's would either have played this game or at least watched someone else play it on their school BBC Micro - often, at least early on, there was only one BBC per school and it was wheeled from classroom to classroom on a special trolley along with its obligatory CUB Microtech monitor.
This version was ported to MMBasic 5.07 by Thomas Hugo Williams in 2021 starting from this source code: