Dragonfly Game Engine 0.1 by Epsilon (GAME/TOOL, updated 27-03-2021 04:16:40) UPDATE
A Text-Based Game Engine

Dragonfly is a text-based game engine, primarily designed to teach about game engine development. Mark Claypool wrote a free book that teaches how to program a game engine from scratch. For more info, see the Dragonfly website.
This is a CMM2 MMBasic port of the Dragonfly Game Engine. Dragonfly as documented on the website and book, is a C++ Object Oriented Design. The CMM2 version, although written in MMBasic, has retained most of the Object Oriented Design, with some compromises for the sake of performance.

HexEdit 0.6 by Epsilon (TOOL, updated 05-02-2021 13:04:13) UPDATE
Binary File Editor for Color Maximite 2

HexEdit allows you to edit binary files, i.e. files that you can't edit with a regular text editor such as the built-in editor. The file's contents are shown as hexadecimal byte values and as ASCII code in two side-by-side blocks. Changes can be made both in the hex table section and in the ASCII section. The usual file navigation with cursors keys, page up&down, home, end, etc. should work as expected. Hexedit is a full-screen console-only editor. I does not work over serial, sorry. The file to edit can be passed in as a command line argument. Press F1 to get help on key bindings.

MAR 0.4 by Epsilon (TOOL, updated 20-02-2021 20:15:31) UPDATE
Archiving Tool

On CMM2, mar.bas allows you to roll up and optionally compress a directory tree into a single file archive, and vice versa. is an equivalent Python implementation intended for running on Windows, MacOSX or Linux. This allows you to create your archive on a host machine, transfer it over to CMM2 and unpack it there, and vice versa.

MemEdit 0.2 by Epsilon (TOOL, updated 05-02-2021 13:04:06) UPDATE
Memory Editor for Color Maximite 2

MemEdit presents you with a view into CMM2's (virtual) memory and allows you to make changes. Essentially, it's a peek/poke front-end. The memory contents are shown as hexadecimal byte values and as ASCII code in two side-by-side blocks. Changes can be made both in the hex table section and in the ASCII section. The usual file navigation with cursors keys, page up&down, home, end, etc. should work as expected. MemEdit is a full-screen console-only editor. I does not work over serial, sorry. The starting address to view can be passed in as a command line argument, e.g. *memedit MM.INFO(PROGRAM) Commands such as goto and fill accept MMBasic syntax for address specifications, e.g. Go To Address (MMBasic syntax): MM.INFO(PAGE ADDRESS 0) Press F1 to get help on key bindings.

Napoleon Commander 1.26 by JirSoft (TOOL/COMM/MAC-PC, updated 18-04-2021 16:06:13) UPDATE
File explorer similar to ancient Norton, Volkov and other commanders on DOS

File and directory operations on local SD card and from/to server (serial port or ESP8266/32 over Wifi with help of Python server, full support of CMM2 DeLuxe Edition)
Operations like copy, move, rename, delete, search...
Data viewers (TEXT, BASIC, HEX, SPRITE, IMAGE - also some C64, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST formats), simple HEX editor
Archive and compress

New Colors Test 1.0.0 by William M Leue (TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 15-07-2021 12:33:31) UPDATE
Named colors preview

A test program for viewing and analyzing all 16 "named" colors in every possible color bit depth using 5.07 or later firmware. You can look at the colors with any of the 3 bit depths (8,12,16) and if you have Gen 2 hardware, in 32-bit depth. The colors are shown with their names, hex values and r,g,b component values. This program requires firmware 5.07 or later!

PropText 0.04 by JirSoft (TOOL, updated 23-07-2021 23:17:43) UPDATE
Library for proportional text

Simple library for use standard fonts on CMM2 as proportional ones. Started with version 0.02, you can mix standard (monospaced) PRINT and TEXT commands with proportional from this library. This library can be used for example in text adventures, because of better readability of texts...

initAll.PROP initialise offsets and widths for all built-in fonts
initFont.PROP(fnt%) initialise offsets and widths for font fnt%
text.PROP(x%,y%,txt$,al%,fnt%,fc%,bc%) similar to TEXT command, just size parameter is ommited
print.PROP(txt$, addSpace$) prints proportional txt$ on current position, wraps character to next line, without line feed, if the string addSpace$ is not empty, then to Nth SPACE (" ") in txt$ is added PX pixels, where PX=ASC(MID$(addSpace$, N, 1)), you can use TAB and LF chars in txt$
printLn.PROP(txt$, addSpace$) same as print.PROP with line feed
wrap.PROP(txt$) word wrapped proportional text output
justify.PROP(txt$, txtWidth%, dx%) full jutified left and right word wrapped proportional text with size txtWidth% written to offset dx%
getTextWidth.PROP(fnt$, txt$) returns width of the proportinal text in font fnt% in pixels
tab.PROP(t%) will set TAB position to every t%-pixels

rexec 0.1 by Epsilon (TOOL/COMM/MAC-PC, updated 31-03-2021 16:52:07) UPDATE
Remote command execution on host from CMM2

REXEC allows you to remotely execute commands on an attached host machine from the CMM2 command line. It uses server on host (Python3 needed) and Xmodem for data transfer (correct for filesize, so you don't end up with those pesky trailing bytes at the end of a transfered file).

SimplEd 0.42 by JirSoft (TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 18-07-2021 00:04:14) UPDATE
Font editor for fonts used by PRINT and TEXT commands.

Font editor for CMM2 fonts (created fonts can be used in MMBasic's PRINT and TEXT commands). Operations like edit, rotate, shift, inverse, fill... Import from BAS, INC and FNT files, font can be also scanned from any image, HT and PS/2 mouse support.
With help of SimplEd.CFG can be defined key shortcuts and on-screen-help, sample file is on GitHub. There is also short program Show_Keys.BAS, it can be used for finding proper key combination needed...
Macros can be saved/loaded to/from text file, so you can build a macro-library.

Testing WII Controller 1.0 by ASandr (TOOL, updated 11-06-2021 00:15:13) UPDATE
Controller text

This little program tests the buttons and analog sticks on WII Controller Classic Pro.

xDragon Game Engine 0.1 by Epsilon (DEMO/GAME/TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 25-05-2021 17:24:48) UPDATE
A CMM2 Game Engine.

xDragon is a 2D game engine in tune with the CMM2 feature set. The engine is geared towards arcade style action games such as shooters, platformers, top-down racers etc.

XEdit 0.10 by Epsilon (GENERAL/TOOL, updated 24-04-2021 11:02:38) UPDATE
XEdit Text Editor for Color Maximite 2

XEdit is a text editor written in MMBasic. The editor supports up to two windows (Hsplit/Vsplit or no split) and up to two buffers (files). The two buffers can be freely assigned to windows and two windows can present separate views into a single buffer. XEdit supports undo, macro recording, MMBasic syntax highlighting as well as the usual complement of editor operations: cut/copy/paste, find/replace, indent/unident selections, insert/overwrite mode, goto line.

xFind 0.2 by Epsilon (TOOL, updated 23-04-2021 21:43:59) UPDATE
String Find across Files

xFind finds all occurrences of a given text string across files specified by a filespec or directory.