CMM2 User Manual v5.06.00 by Geoff Graham (DOCS, updated 16-02-2021 11:25:40) UPDATE
Most important guide for any CMM2 owner

This is USER GUIDE for last official firmware for CMM2.

Graphics Programming on the CMM2 3f by Doug Pankhurst (panky) (GRAPHICS/DOCS, updated 06-04-2021 09:40:43) UPDATE
A detailed tutorial on the graphics capabilities of the Color Maximite 2.

This is a compilation of the threads posted by Peter Mather as a background and deeper explanation of the graphics capabilities of the CMM2. I have taken the liberty (with Peters OK), to post them on the forum with some additional comments and explanations of recent developments in the hope that they will assist others in realising the full potential of the CMM2.

Isolation Jokes 1.0 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GENERAL/DOCS, updated 23-06-2021 10:04:15) UPDATE
Just for fun

Short program to load/display jokes to help through these social isolation times. A little laughter helps, and just putting joke file together has helped with my sanity. Currently there are 948 jokes included. Full instructions are in the archive.

MMBasic Online Manual by Jim Hiley (DOCS, updated 16-02-2021 12:25:03) UPDATE
Covers all variants of MMBasic in one integrated online lookup tool

This MMBasic syntax help system is based heavily on the MMBasic user manuals. It is intended as a quick reference only and not a tutorial on programming with MMBasic. With MMBasic it is easy to write a one or two line program to test a command and that is the preferred way of learning (by doing).

Programming with the Colour Maximite 2 by Geoff Graham (DOCS, updated 16-02-2021 12:10:01) UPDATE
Introduction to CMM2 programming

A tutorial covering the Colour Maximite 2 and programming in the BASIC language.