Maxiterm 1.9.6 by John "Jay" Crutti (frnno967) (COMM, updated 31-07-2021 06:29:57) UPDATE
Communications terminal program for enabling the CMM2 to exchange data with other computer systems, via built-in COM ports.

ANSI Color Graphics, Xmodem File transfer, selectable monochrome font colors (White, Amber, Green) matching famous vintage terminals, autodialer phone book, retro terminal sound effects, configurable TTL/RS-232 COM port speeds

Napoleon Commander v1.40 by JirSoft (TOOL/COMM/MAC-PC, updated 07-11-2021 17:46:01) UPDATE
File explorer similar to ancient Norton, Volkov and other commanders on DOS

File and directory operations on local SD card and from/to server (serial port or ESP8266/32 over Wifi with help of Python server, full support of CMM2 DeLuxe Edition)
• Operations like copy, move, rename, delete, search...
• Data viewers (TEXT, BASIC, HEX, SPRITE, IMAGE - also some C64, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST formats), simple HEX editor
• Simple proportional text viewer (ALT F4)
• Archive and compress
Now resolution independent!

rexec 0.1 by Epsilon (TOOL/COMM/MAC-PC, updated 31-03-2021 16:52:07) UPDATE
Remote command execution on host from CMM2

REXEC allows you to remotely execute commands on an attached host machine from the CMM2 command line. It uses server on host (Python3 needed) and Xmodem for data transfer (correct for filesize, so you don't end up with those pesky trailing bytes at the end of a transfered file).