Chiptune Drumsynth v10 by Ray (TweakerRay) (MUSIC, updated 16-02-2021 13:55:40) UPDATE
16 Step drum Sequencer

I have programmed a small Chiptune Drumsynth. You can programm 4 Channels (Basedrum, Snaredrum, Hihats, and ADditional Sound) on 16 Steps. You can randomize the patterns and you can change volume on each step. you can even temporarly store one pattern.

Music 1.0.2 by William M Leue (MUSIC, updated 11-05-2021 19:45:20) UPDATE
Generative music

Plays 4-part music created by a generative algorithm and displays the notes on a musical staff.

PSGmini v0.3a by Mauro Xavier Neto (MUSIC, updated 16-02-2021 13:27:11) UPDATE
SN76489 / NES 2A03 Simulator and VGM Player

This is not an emulator and is far from perfect. It's only a little include file for MMBasic and Colour Maximite 2 that play VGM files for SN76489 chips and with some limitations, for the NES 2A03. (USE LAST BETA FIRMWARE FOR THE CMM2 TO USE THIS)