CMM2 Welcome Tape Release 1.0.1 by MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS (GENERAL/DEMO, updated 16-02-2024 10:02:08) UPDATE
First program to run on CMM2

An introductory collection of programs for the Colour Maximite 2 in the vein of the Sinclair Spectrum "Horizons" tape, BBC Micro "Welcome" tape/disk and Apple II.
Created as a collaborative effort by the denziens of "The Back Shed" and curated by Tom Williams "thwill".

Air Rescue 1 by Matthias Grimm (GAME, updated 10-01-2024 21:55:52) UPDATE

The goal of the game is to rescue people from an hostile environment. The enemy will try everything to stop you. But be carefull in combat not to kill your people by friendly fire. Have fun

Gauntlet 0.4a by Mauro Xavier Neto (GAME, updated 04-12-2023 00:05:56) UPDATE
Gauntlet port for the Colour Maximite 2

This is a version of Gauntlet to Colour Maximite 2. I don't own any rights about Gauntlet trademark, this is only a homebrew project made by me in my free time, and for sure in the current state, it has lots of bugs. Keep in mind I'm only a Gauntlet fan with some basic developing skills and my target is only to challenge myself to port it to CMM2, it's not a project with profit intentions.

Sudoku 1.2.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 27-11-2023 19:46:58) UPDATE
Well known game

Allows you to create, load, save and solve Sudoku puzzles with some limited computer assistance.

Radar Air Traffic Control 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS/SCIENCE, updated 05-11-2023 12:52:58) UPDATE
Radar screen simulator

A simulation of an analog radar screen with sweep and phosphor exponential brightness decay. A user-selectable number of simulated radar targets are shown, and a table shows transponder ID, range, and bearing for each target. Table values can be sorted by each target value and sorts can be changed to be up or down.

Max-E-Man 0.71 by Martin Scragg (realmnm) (GAME, updated 01-11-2023 00:05:21) UPDATE
Near arcade perfect Pac-Man clone

TicTacToe 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 24-10-2023 12:38:15) UPDATE
Well known game

Play the game of TicTacToe against the computer or another player.

HexEdit 0.6 by Epsilon (TOOL, updated 22-06-2023 05:07:13) UPDATE
after disguised disguised disguised disguised

HexEdit allows you to edit binary files, i.e. files that you can't edit with a regular text editor such as the built-in editor. The file's contents are shown as hexadecimal byte values and as ASCII code in two side-by-side blocks. Changes can be made both in the hex table section and in the ASCII section. The usual file navigation with cursors keys, page up&down, home, end, etc. should work as expected. Hexedit is a full-screen console-only editor. I does not work over serial, sorry. The file to edit can be passed in as a command line argument. Press F1 to get help on key bindings.

Analog Clock 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 31-05-2023 23:16:54) UPDATE
Large clock

A large analog clock face. Parameters at the top of the source allow you to choose 12 or 24-hour display and whether to play hourly chimes or not.

Lazer Cycle 1.0.0 by Tom Williams "thwill" (GAME, updated 31-03-2023 13:56:04) UPDATE

A 1-4 player implementation of the classic "Light Cycle" game for Colour Maximite 2, PicoMite (VGA and LCD) and MMBasic for Windows.

Wolfstein 3D 0.7a by Mauro Xavier Neto (GAME, updated 10-03-2023 14:07:31) UPDATE
Wolfenstein 3D version from scratch

Wolfenstein 3D version made from scratch for Colour Maximite 2 (work in progress).
Warning: Contains blood and images that may be disturbing to a sensitive audience (swastika).

NONchuk - Joystick/I2C/keypad/rotary interface 1 by CircuitGizmos (GAME/HARDWARE, updated 13-02-2023 04:14:25) UPDATE
HW interface

The NONchuk board provides a way to interface joysticks and other devices to the RetroMax. The intention is to use the I2C port on the NONchuk to connect to the Nunchuk interface on the RetroMax (or CMM2).

The NONchuk allows the Nunchuk port of the RetroMax to connect to joysticks and several other devices. Since there are a variety of different devices that can be connected, the NONchuk uses a MicroMite chip (the '170 with MMBasic installed) to run code for the task.

The NONchuck has a console port that can be used as the serial interface for programming the MMBasic code specific to how the NONchuk will be used.

The NONchuk features:
• Based on MMBasic '170 so it can be user re/programmed
• Support Atari (digital/switch) joystick
• Support PC (analog/potentiometer) joystick
• Operate as I2C slave interface
• Operate as serial interface
• Support 16 key keypad
• Support rotary module
• Support analog joystick module

The NONchuck board could also be used as a stand-alone MicroMite ('170 chip) board. For example it could be used with a joystick and various pins from the microcontroller could control relays, LEDs, etc.

Graphics Programming on the CMM2 3f by Doug Pankhurst (panky) (GRAPHICS/DOCS, updated 13-02-2023 01:51:19) UPDATE
A detailed tutorial on the graphics capabilities of the Color Maximite 2.

This is a compilation of the threads posted by Peter Mather as a background and deeper explanation of the graphics
capabilities of the CMM2. I have taken the liberty (with Peters OK), to post them on the forum with some additional
comments and explanations of recent developments in the hope that they will assist others in realising the full potential
of the CMM2.

Hitomezashi 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 01-02-2023 15:47:31) UPDATE

Hitomezashi stitching is a Japanese embroidery technique creating a repeating pattern using only horizontal and vertical stitches. This program loosens the patterns using random numbers to create a tapestry with swirling colors. Users can specify from two to five colors in a pattern.

Music 1.0.2 by William M Leue (MUSIC, updated 17-01-2023 14:24:13) UPDATE
Generative music

Plays 4-part music created by a generative algorithm and displays the notes on a musical staff.

Chess 1.1 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 11-01-2023 06:22:43) UPDATE
Classic chess game

This is an update for Chess. Increased resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768. Provided a different piece set. Improved redrawing of screen process. Also added three chess variants that are at least somewhat playable. Two involve play on a 12x8 board, while the other is played on a 16x8 board. Like before the player plays against the computer with the computer making random moves.

Othello Max 1.0 (older, see the other entry) by Stephane Edwardson (Lodovik) (GAME, updated 27-12-2022 04:36:28) UPDATE

Duplicate entry, sorry. Download link is the same.

Scrolling Maze 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 23-11-2022 22:04:44) UPDATE
2D mazes, find the key to exit

Three programs are provided. One is keyboard controlled and another is Wii Controller controlled. The maze can be up to 199 by 99 characters in size. Would like to offer larger mazes than that, but am not sure how to at the moment. The user selects the initial size of the maze and selects one of eight screen resolution modes. The player needs to collect a key on each maze level in order to unlock the door leading downward to the next maze which is a little bit larger than the previous one. Along the way there are six different treasure types to collect. The color of the maze walls changes from level to level. Three MP3 sound effects are used.

Picture Puzzles 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 21-11-2022 20:46:59) UPDATE
Similar to jigsaw puzzles

Four programs are included. Two programs are controlled via the keyboard and the other two use the Wii Controller. Two programs display 256 1024x768 puzzles while the other two display 86 768x768 puzzles. There are five sizes of puzzle pieces ranging from 12 pieces to thousands of pieces. One selects which puzzle to load or select a random puzzle. The pieces always have a square shape. Pieces can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise or 180 degrees. Two pieces can be swapped. One can view the completed puzzle and then go back to the work in progress puzzle. There is an option to hide/view the cursor. The program is split into three parts on github. Use 7-Zip Extract Here on the first of the three parts.

Jeopardy Trivia 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 17-11-2022 00:44:47) UPDATE
Simplified version of the tv game show

The computer randomly selects about 210,000 questions taken from the television game show Jeopardy!. If the player has the correct answer, then the player’s score is increased by the question’s dollar amount.

Constellations 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 15-11-2022 11:04:54) UPDATE
Astronomy quiz

The computer displays 88 constellations and the user attempts to identify them.

Word Scramble 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 14-11-2022 02:59:34) UPDATE
Unscramble words and phrases

The computer scrambles a word or phrase and the player attempts to unscramble it. A number of dictionaries are utilized with varying numbers of words. There are several DAT files with phrases included, such as ones based on Wheel of Fortune, Videogames, Chess, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and The Elder Scrolls.

Chess Puzzles 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 09-11-2022 02:47:01) UPDATE
Two programs

Find the best series of moves for White or for Black. One program features chess puzzles taken from various books. The other program features 320,000 puzzles in the small version and about 1.6 million puzzles in the full version. The puzzles in the second program are broken down into files by opening code. Press the space bar or enter key to see the solution and one of these keys again to select another puzzle.

World and State Capitals quizzes 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 03-11-2022 18:11:21) UPDATE
Two quiz programs

World and State Capitals There are three files to download within GitHub. Use 7-Zip Extract Here on the first file. There are 197 Countries and their Capitals in World Capitals. There are 71 States and Territories and their Capitals in State Capitals.

Binary Coded Decimal Clock 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 01-11-2022 22:12:25) UPDATE
A little different clock

A clock whos display consists of 6 columns of colored squares that represent the digits of the hour (2 leftmost columns), minutes (2 center columns), and second. (2 rightmost columns) From bottom to top, the row values are powers of 2: 1, 2, 4, and 8. Each square shows a bright color when active. For instance, at 07:39:06, the illuminated squares are (left to right): column 1: nothing (0); column 2: yellow, green, blue (1+2+4=7); column 3: yellow, green (1+2=3); column 4: yellow, red (1+8=9); column 5: nothing (0); column 6: green, blue (2+4=6).