16_Puzzle 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 23-01-2022 10:54:31) UPDATE
Modified puzzle game

Fit the 16 randomly-generated pieces into a square frame so that there are no gaps or overlaps. You can choose Easy, Medium, Hard, or Very Hard difficulty.

Amazin 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS/SCIENCE, updated 11-05-2021 19:45:33) UPDATE
Create and solve maze

Creates a random maze, runs it, and then shows the solved path with excursions into blind alleys removed. Uses a depth-first recursive algorithm for both maze creation and solving.

Analog Clock 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 31-05-2023 23:16:54) UPDATE
Large clock

A large analog clock face. Parameters at the top of the source allow you to choose 12 or 24-hour display and whether to play hourly chimes or not.

Binary Coded Decimal Clock 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 01-11-2022 22:12:25) UPDATE
A little different clock

A clock whos display consists of 6 columns of colored squares that represent the digits of the hour (2 leftmost columns), minutes (2 center columns), and second. (2 rightmost columns) From bottom to top, the row values are powers of 2: 1, 2, 4, and 8. Each square shows a bright color when active. For instance, at 07:39:06, the illuminated squares are (left to right): column 1: nothing (0); column 2: yellow, green, blue (1+2+4=7); column 3: yellow, green (1+2=3); column 4: yellow, red (1+8=9); column 5: nothing (0); column 6: green, blue (2+4=6).

Color Wheels 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:49:03) UPDATE
Color demo

Color wheels showing all possible colors in 8, 12, or 16-bit color modes.

Enigma 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 10-05-2021 17:05:39) UPDATE
Enigma simulator

The Enigma Machine was the famous mechanical encryption/decryption machine used by the German military in WWII. It was advanced for its day, and if used correctly would have been unbreakable. A combination of operator errors, good luck, and outstanding mathematical skill by British, Polish, and French cryptanalysts, most notably Alan Turing, led to the breaking of many of the Enigma messages, which helped to shorten WWII and facilitate an eventual Allied victory. This program is an accurate simulation of the Enigma Machine, and lets users set up the rotors, reflectors, and plugboards exactly the way the real Enigma would have been set up. Messages can then be encrypted and decrypted exactly the way they would have been on the real Enigma. Substantial Help is included in the program.

FloodIt 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 26-03-2022 01:08:11) UPDATE

In FloodIt, you are presented with a board filled by randomly-colored squares. Your job is to help a flood fill that starts at the top left corner square to flood the entire board with a single color. Naturally, you are allowed only a certain number of moves to accomplish this, depending on the board size and the number of colors, both of which you choose. The game can be played using only the keyboard or with a mouse.

Galton 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 19-07-2021 09:56:33) UPDATE

Simulates a Galton Board, showing how a Binomial Distribution (a discrete approximation of a normal curve) can be built up from a sequence of random events.

Grandfather Clock 1.3.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 10-05-2021 16:42:36) UPDATE
A little different clock

A grandfather clock that displays the current 12-hour time on the main face, the phase of the moon on the top bow, and the sunrise and sunset times, the current date, and the UTC 24-hour time on inset digital windows. If the user puts his correct latitude, longitude, UTC offset hour, and local elevation above sea level into the constants at the top of the source code, all displayed values will be accurate for his locality.

Hangman 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 14-07-2021 15:54:44) UPDATE
Classic game

A simple Hangman game with 3 different difficulty levels. You can have the computer pick words to guess from a 3000-word dictionary or one player can enter a word for another player to guess.

Hextiles 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:20) UPDATE
Hexagon demo

Another Demo program: fills the screen with a grid of hexagons that change color and size over a cycle of several minutes. I wrote this years ago in C for the Mac "After Dark" screen saver environment.

Hitomezashi 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 01-02-2023 15:47:31) UPDATE

Hitomezashi stitching is a Japanese embroidery technique creating a repeating pattern using only horizontal and vertical stitches. This program loosens the patterns using random numbers to create a tapestry with swirling colors. Users can specify from two to five colors in a pattern.

Hunt the Wumpus 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:53) UPDATE
Extended text game

A version of the classic Hunt the Wumpus game from the early days of personal computers. The original game was strictly text-based. This version preserves all the original text, but also adds a dynamic map.

Ishido 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 02-04-2022 23:06:37) UPDATE

Ishido is a board game for the CMM2. It can be played either with the keyboard alone or with keyboard and mouse. Ishido, the so-called "Way of Stones", was originally released for the Mac sometime in the late 80's or early 90's. It is a fun and challenging game of placing 'stones' on the board so that their symbols and colors match in various ways.

Kaleidoscope 1.1.1 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 10-05-2021 17:05:49) UPDATE
Graphic effects

A simulated kaleidoscope that creates an ever-changing display of colored figures with 8-fold symmetry in a round field.

KitKatClock 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 10-05-2021 16:43:02) UPDATE
A little different clock

An emulation of the classic "Kit Kat Clock" with moving eyes and swinging tail.

Mahjongg Solitaire 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 08-06-2022 15:58:26) UPDATE

Mahjongg Solitaire for the CMM2. It requires a mouse.

Mancala 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 13-06-2022 12:09:27) UPDATE

Mancala game for CMM2. A mouse is NOT required. Mancala is the classic African game of stone moving and counting. There are only a few rules and the game seems easy to play, but there are devious subtleties and deep strategies to be discovered!

Math Matrix Inversion 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 22-08-2021 18:01:53) UPDATE
Matrix inversion helper

A short program to compute the inverse of 2D matrices up to 10x10 in size. The method is Gaussian Elimination, which is fast but has issues with numerical instability with ill-conditioned matrices. This is more of a demo than a really useful program because of the numerical issues.

Minesweeper 1.0.1 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 11-05-2021 19:45:09) UPDATE
Well known game

Play an emulation of the classic Windows game of Minesweeper. You can play at the Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert levels.

Morse Code Practice 1.0.1 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 10-05-2021 17:06:26) UPDATE
Morse code trainer

A Morse Code reading practice program. Users can specify random characters or characters from a text file. The code speed and beep frequency can be specified. Users can choose alphabetic characters only, characters and numbers, or the full range of characters, numbers, and punctuation. A special mode lets users learn the Morse Code using the Koch Incremental Learning method, which is a proven method for learning Morse Code and getting your reading speed up to practical levels.

Music 1.0.2 by William M Leue (MUSIC, updated 17-01-2023 14:24:13) UPDATE
Generative music

Plays 4-part music created by a generative algorithm and displays the notes on a musical staff.

New Colors Test 1.0.0 by William M Leue (TOOL/GRAPHICS, updated 15-07-2021 12:33:31) UPDATE
Named colors preview

A test program for viewing and analyzing all 16 "named" colors in every possible color bit depth using 5.07 or later firmware. You can look at the colors with any of the 3 bit depths (8,12,16) and if you have Gen 2 hardware, in 32-bit depth. The colors are shown with their names, hex values and r,g,b component values. This program requires firmware 5.07 or later!

Nim 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 11-05-2021 19:44:31) UPDATE
Well known game

Play the game of Nim against the computer or another player.

Pentominoes 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 08-02-2022 17:41:00) UPDATE

A puzzle where you try to pack the 12 unique pentominoes into a rectangle that is 6x10, 5x12, 4x15, or 3x20 squares in side. It is hard! The program includes sample solutions for each rectangle, but there are thousands more to discover.

Version 1.1.0 features puzzle save (F1) and puzzle restore (F2) commands so that you can save your work at any stage and restore it later to continue work or show a completed puzzle. The other new feature is a 5th puzzle layout that has an 8x8 grid with a 2x2 hole in the middle.

PythgagTree 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 08-07-2021 19:35:38) UPDATE
Fractal paint

Draws a Pythagoras Tree fractal.

Radar Air Traffic Control 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS/SCIENCE, updated 31-03-2023 13:51:58) UPDATE
Radar screen simulator

A simulation of an analog radar screen with sweep and phosphor exponential brightness decay. A user-selectable number of simulated radar targets are shown, and a table shows transponder ID, range, and bearing for each target. Table values can be sorted by each target value and sorts can be changed to be up or down.

Reversi 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 20-06-2022 08:59:22) UPDATE

Reversi (Othello) game for the CMM2. It can be played with or without a mouse. The computer's game play is good enough to beat a novice but only just.

Rock-Scissors-Paper-PATH 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 30-08-2022 11:54:15) UPDATE

A silly and easy puzzle game for CMM2. A mouse is required, sorry.

SAP1 Emulator 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 19-04-2022 21:25:44) UPDATE

The SAP1 is an educational model of a "Simple As Possible" microcomputer. It was created by A.P. Malvino in his text Digital Computer Electronics. This emulator incorporates a user interface inspired by YouTuber Ben Eater, who built a physical SAP1 computer out of breadboards and TTL chips, with no microprocessor. I also include an assembler for the tiny SAP1 instruction set, and some sample programs. The ZIP file includes the PDF version of the user manual.

SlashMaze 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:07) UPDATE
Commodore like RND maze

An emulation of the famous Commodore Pet "10PRINT" one-line BASIC maze generator. On the Pet, the characters were made on an 8x8 pixel grid, and the forward and backward slash characters filled that grid from corner to corner, which made the one-line program possible. This program for CMM2 produces the same result, but alas, with more lines of BASIC.

Solitare 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 27-04-2022 19:19:42) UPDATE

A solitaire game for the CMM2 that lets you play any of 10 different games: Klondike, Canfield, EightOff, PileOn, Yukon, Golf, FreeCell, FourSeasons, and BeleaguredCastle. It does require a mouse; sorry! I could not find a good way to allow for a fun playing experience without a mouse.

SpinClock 1.1.2 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 10-05-2021 16:42:45) UPDATE
A little different clock

A digital clock that can be set to show 12-hour or 24-hour time by changing a constant at the top of the source code. Each large digit is made up of a 4 x 6 rectangle of small "clock dials" that spin to different positions when the digits of the current time change.

Sudoku 1.2.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 08-09-2023 16:01:05) UPDATE
Well known game

Allows you to create, load, save and solve Sudoku puzzles with some limited computer assistance.

Sunset Puzzle 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 26-05-2021 18:22:11) UPDATE
Modified puzzle game

A sliding block puzzle somewhat similar to the "15" puzzle but with blocks of 3 different sizes.

The 1.1.0 update adds an automated solution. You trigger the solution by pressing the '@' key. A screen allows you to choose how much of the full solution to see, and also to view the solution at 1, 2 4, or 8 moves per second.

Tetris 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 03-08-2022 12:41:19) UPDATE

Tetris game for CMM2. The game play, controls, and scoring algorithm are all as close to classic Tetris as I can get them.

TicTacToe 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 11-05-2021 19:44:42) UPDATE
Well known game

Play the game of TicTacToe against the computer or another player.

Towers of Hanoi 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:39) UPDATE
Classic game

The classic Towers of Hanoi puzzle. Move a stack of discs from one tower to another, moving one disc at a time and never allowing a larger disc to lie on top of a smaller disc. You can solve the puzzle yourself, or watch the computer solve it. There are a user-selectable number of discs, up to 12. (12 discs take 4095 moves in the optimal solution!)

Truchet Tiles 1.0.0 by William M Leue (DEMO/GRAPHICS, updated 12-05-2021 16:48:31) UPDATE
Tile demo

A random, infinitely scrolling maze made of Truchet Tiles. The colors gradually change over a time period of a few minutes.

Turing Machine 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 10-05-2021 16:43:31) UPDATE
Turing machine simulator

A Turing Machine is a theoretical model of machine computation invented by Alan Turing in a famous 1936 paper. Turing is acknowledged to be one of the principal fathers of the digital computer. Turing Machines are still used as the reference model for researching topics such as computational complexity. This program allows you to create, load, and save Turing Machine programs and run them either in a tabular or graphical format. The screen shot is of a graphical view. Several Turing Machine programs are included in the folder "Programs". The program has substantial Help features to explain Turing Machines.

WaterSort 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 02-03-2022 22:28:04) UPDATE

A WaterSort game for CMM2. It requires a mouse to play. Comes with a large number of puzzles from easy to hard. Has unlimited Undo to help you solve the hard ones. It also saves your solutions when you solve a puzzle.

Wordle 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 12-01-2022 08:39:24) UPDATE

"Wordle" is a word guessing game that has become quite popular, with web and phone versions. My version for CMM2 plays the same as the other versions. Warning: addictive!