Gutenberg 0.95 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GENERAL/DOCS, updated 02-11-2021 02:14:44) UPDATE
Text eBook reader

A simplish(?) text based eBook reader with 59 books from Gutenberg' library. Works well in most/all resolution/font combinations. Colour schemes selectable, book width on screen selectable, read place saved, read one page at a time or flip through book. Percent of book displayed as is save position.

V.95 resolves some bugs due to the way the MODE command works with fonts and clearing of screen. Easier editing for menu and reading mode/font. Colour schemes are now an .inc file for easier editing. Book files remain the same - instructions/license file updated (gutenberg.txt).

Isolation Jokes 1.0 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GENERAL/DOCS, updated 23-06-2021 10:04:15) UPDATE
Just for fun

Short program to load/display jokes to help through these social isolation times. A little laughter helps, and just putting joke file together has helped with my sanity. Currently there are 948 jokes included. Full instructions are in the archive.

Mazist v0.99 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 29-05-2022 04:03:15) UPDATE
Maze generator and solver

2D maze generation/solving program. Mazes can be 10x10 to 99x69. Included Save/load mazes for solving over several sessions, zoom function for small screens or poor eyesight or kids, mouse solve routines when you give up on a maze, mark trails or points in the maze to aid in solving.

NoClue v1.0 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GENERAL/TOOL/DOCS, updated 13-11-2021 12:46:58) UPDATE
Crossword Assistant

A little programme to find crossword solutions with minimal pre-solved letters. Input any known letters from the word you're looking for (3 to 20 letters). The 661,485 word and phrases dictionary will be searched for any matching patterns and the results shown. The word lists have been obtained by combining many freely available lists of crossword answers. The lists are plain text files and can be added to with any text editor.