Scrolling Maze 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 23-11-2022 22:04:44) UPDATE
2D mazes, find the key to exit

Three programs are provided. One is keyboard controlled and another is Wii Controller controlled. The maze can be up to 199 by 99 characters in size. Would like to offer larger mazes than that, but am not sure how to at the moment. The user selects the initial size of the maze and selects one of eight screen resolution modes. The player needs to collect a key on each maze level in order to unlock the door leading downward to the next maze which is a little bit larger than the previous one. Along the way there are six different treasure types to collect. The color of the maze walls changes from level to level. Three MP3 sound effects are used.

Radar Air Traffic Control 1.1.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS/SCIENCE, updated 23-11-2022 17:57:32) UPDATE
Radar screen simulator

A simulation of an analog radar screen with sweep and phosphor exponential brightness decay. A user-selectable number of simulated radar targets are shown, and a table shows transponder ID, range, and bearing for each target. Table values can be sorted by each target value and sorts can be changed to be up or down.

Picture Puzzles 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 21-11-2022 20:46:59) UPDATE
Similar to jigsaw puzzles

Four programs are included. Two programs are controlled via the keyboard and the other two use the Wii Controller. Two programs display 256 1024x768 puzzles while the other two display 86 768x768 puzzles. There are five sizes of puzzle pieces ranging from 12 pieces to thousands of pieces. One selects which puzzle to load or select a random puzzle. The pieces always have a square shape. Pieces can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise or 180 degrees. Two pieces can be swapped. One can view the completed puzzle and then go back to the work in progress puzzle. There is an option to hide/view the cursor. The program is split into three parts on github. Use 7-Zip Extract Here on the first of the three parts.

Jeopardy Trivia 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 17-11-2022 00:44:47) UPDATE
Simplified version of the tv game show

The computer randomly selects about 210,000 questions taken from the television game show Jeopardy!. If the player has the correct answer, then the player’s score is increased by the question’s dollar amount.

Max-E-Man 0.71 by Martin Scragg (realmnm) (GAME, updated 16-11-2022 19:03:22) UPDATE
Near arcade perfect Pac-Man clone

Constellations 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 15-11-2022 11:04:54) UPDATE
Astronomy quiz

The computer displays 88 constellations and the user attempts to identify them.

Word Scramble 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 14-11-2022 02:59:34) UPDATE
Unscramble words and phrases

The computer scrambles a word or phrase and the player attempts to unscramble it. A number of dictionaries are utilized with varying numbers of words. There are several DAT files with phrases included, such as ones based on Wheel of Fortune, Videogames, Chess, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and The Elder Scrolls.

Chess Puzzles 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 09-11-2022 02:47:01) UPDATE
Two programs

Find the best series of moves for White or for Black. One program features chess puzzles taken from various books. The other program features 320,000 puzzles in the small version and about 1.6 million puzzles in the full version. The puzzles in the second program are broken down into files by opening code. Press the space bar or enter key to see the solution and one of these keys again to select another puzzle.

World and State Capitals quizzes 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/EDUCATION, updated 03-11-2022 18:11:21) UPDATE
Two quiz programs

World and State Capitals There are three files to download within GitHub. Use 7-Zip Extract Here on the first file. There are 197 Countries and their Capitals in World Capitals. There are 71 States and Territories and their Capitals in State Capitals.

Binary Coded Decimal Clock 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 01-11-2022 22:12:25) UPDATE
A little different clock

A clock whos display consists of 6 columns of colored squares that represent the digits of the hour (2 leftmost columns), minutes (2 center columns), and second. (2 rightmost columns) From bottom to top, the row values are powers of 2: 1, 2, 4, and 8. Each square shows a bright color when active. For instance, at 07:39:06, the illuminated squares are (left to right): column 1: nothing (0); column 2: yellow, green, blue (1+2+4=7); column 3: yellow, green (1+2=3); column 4: yellow, red (1+8=9); column 5: nothing (0); column 6: green, blue (2+4=6).

Light Bright 1.0 by bar1010 (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 27-10-2022 22:16:54) UPDATE
Simple drawing programs

Draw circles or squares on a 1280 x 1024 resolution screen. Four programs are included. Two utilize the keyboard. The other two utilize a Wii Controller. Up to 256 colors can be used. The size of the circles or squares can be changed. The screen can be cleared. A circle or square can be removed. The cursor can be shown or hidden.

Akalabeth 1 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 14-10-2022 19:51:31) UPDATE
Ultima 0 ported to the CMM2

Originally written by Richard Garriott in 1979 for the Apple ][ computer, Akalabeth is seen as the first game in the Ultima series. Re-live computer adventure gaming from over 40 years ago as you strive for knighthood by performing quests for Lord British. Travel the land, purchase supplies and battle monsters in the depths of dungeons as you work towards becoming a knight.

TSCP Chess 2.0 by bar1010 (GAME, updated 04-10-2022 00:19:12) UPDATE
Chess program

TSCP Chess v2 - Original Code by Tom Kerrigan, converted to MMBasic by ceptimus in 2019, graphical enhancements by bar1010 in 2022
New pieces set, higher resolution 1280x1024 graphics
Included are the original version and the new version.
Play chess against a computer opponent.

Othello Max 1.0 by Stephane Edwardson (Lodovik) (GAME, updated 03-10-2022 22:32:58) UPDATE

Here's an Othello / Reversi game for the Color Maximite 2. It can play at a good level and is also working with MMBasic for Windows (keyboard only). On the CMM2, it supports Nunchuck and Classic controllers. You can play against the computer, against another player or let the computer play vs itself. Hope you like it!

Wolfstein 3D 0.7a by Mauro Xavier Neto (GAME, updated 10-09-2022 18:07:31) UPDATE
Wolfenstein 3D version from scratch

Wolfenstein 3D version made from scratch for Colour Maximite 2 (work in progress).
Warning: Contains blood and images that may be disturbing to a sensitive audience (swastika).

Rock-Scissors-Paper-PATH 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 30-08-2022 11:54:15) UPDATE

A silly and easy puzzle game for CMM2. A mouse is required, sorry.

Othello Max 1.0.4 by Stephane Edwardson (Lodovik) (GAME, updated 09-08-2022 10:13:03) UPDATE
Othello / Reversi

Here's an Othello / Reversi program for the CMM2 and also for MMBasic for Windows. It plays at a good level, has support for Nunchuck on the CMM2 and support for the mouse in Windows. Five levels of play, computer vs computer or two players against each other. Press F1 for detailed help and description.

Tetris 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 03-08-2022 12:41:19) UPDATE

Tetris game for CMM2. The game play, controls, and scoring algorithm are all as close to classic Tetris as I can get them.

Reversi 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 20-06-2022 08:59:22) UPDATE

Reversi (Othello) game for the CMM2. It can be played with or without a mouse. The computer's game play is good enough to beat a novice but only just.

Mancala 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 13-06-2022 12:09:27) UPDATE

Mancala game for CMM2. A mouse is NOT required. Mancala is the classic African game of stone moving and counting. There are only a few rules and the game seems easy to play, but there are devious subtleties and deep strategies to be discovered!

Mahjongg Solitaire 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 08-06-2022 15:58:26) UPDATE

Mahjongg Solitaire for the CMM2. It requires a mouse.

Mazist v0.99 by Geoff Camp (Goksteroo) (GAME/GRAPHICS, updated 29-05-2022 04:03:15) UPDATE
Maze generator and solver

2D maze generation/solving program. Mazes can be 10x10 to 99x69. Included Save/load mazes for solving over several sessions, zoom function for small screens or poor eyesight or kids, mouse solve routines when you give up on a maze, mark trails or points in the maze to aid in solving.

Analog Clock 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GRAPHICS, updated 22-05-2022 21:05:58) UPDATE
Large clock

A large analog clock face. Parameters at the top of the source allow you to choose 12 or 24-hour display and whether to play hourly chimes or not.

Solitare 1.0.0 by William M Leue (GAME, updated 27-04-2022 19:19:42) UPDATE

A solitaire game for the CMM2 that lets you play any of 10 different games: Klondike, Canfield, EightOff, PileOn, Yukon, Golf, FreeCell, FourSeasons, and BeleaguredCastle. It does require a mouse; sorry! I could not find a good way to allow for a fun playing experience without a mouse.

SAP1 Emulator 1.0.0 by William M Leue (SCIENCE/EDUCATION, updated 19-04-2022 21:25:44) UPDATE

The SAP1 is an educational model of a "Simple As Possible" microcomputer. It was created by A.P. Malvino in his text Digital Computer Electronics. This emulator incorporates a user interface inspired by YouTuber Ben Eater, who built a physical SAP1 computer out of breadboards and TTL chips, with no microprocessor. I also include an assembler for the tiny SAP1 instruction set, and some sample programs. The ZIP file includes the PDF version of the user manual.