MM Edit 4.1.4 by Jim Hiley (MAC-PC, updated 16-05-2021 13:43:32) UPDATE
A Windows editor for the Maximite and MicroMite

MMEdit was created to simplify writing applications for the Maximite computer.
The first versions of MM Basic required line numbers, something that I was happy to leave behind when working on my PC!
Since MM Basic version 3.0, line numbers are no longer required and it has a full screen editor, so the original reason for creating MM Edit has diminished.

Being able to write code on your PC and easily transfer the files between the PC and Maximite is still a good reason for using MM Edit.

Since version 3.5.17, MMEdit can use TeraTerm as the VT100 terminal. TeraTerm is a far superior VT100 terminal than MMEdit's built-in version.

Version 3.6.0 added support for the Micromite Plus.
Version 3.7.0 added support for the Micromite eXtreme.
Version 4.0 added support for the new Colour Maximite 2.

MMBasic Online Manual by Jim Hiley (DOCS, updated 16-02-2021 12:25:03) UPDATE
Covers all variants of MMBasic in one integrated online lookup tool

This MMBasic syntax help system is based heavily on the MMBasic user manuals. It is intended as a quick reference only and not a tutorial on programming with MMBasic. With MMBasic it is easy to write a one or two line program to test a command and that is the preferred way of learning (by doing).