MOD Tracker
Classic music tool

Simple music tracker


Board game

Graphic editor

Simple graphic editor (full screen?) with possible imports of different formats (old computer systems included), export can be just 16bpp BMP. Should have zoom, basic paint primitives, flood fill with texture, gradients...


View stars, planets, nebula, galaxies, and other celestial objects


Atari 2600 Adventure clone in which once a level is completed, another level is created that is a little bit larger than the previous one.

Movie Player
CMM2 specific video format player

Player for movies in special format, can be converted on Mac/PC into it from standard video formats.

Bignum Calculator

Perform calculations with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and factorials using both integers and fractions with more digits than the float and integer data types provide.


3D Tetris where the player rotates puzzle pieces in three dimensions and moves them above a well before dropping the pieces into the well.

Axis & Allies

The original board game Axis & Allies

Teaching of electric circuits

Puzzle like tool, where pieces are different electric components, you can run the circuit, control switches, measure current and voltage...

3D Function Grapher

Including both Cartesian Coordinates and Spherical Coordinates

3D tool
Editor, viewer or convertor for MMBasic's 3D format

Some simple tool to make use of MMBasic's 3D graphic simpler for beginners...

River Raid

Clone of Activision game River Raid from the ‘80s

World Creator

Creates a random 2D tile based world in the style of the Ultima series of games


Clone of the arcade game Centipede

Game or engine (library)

Some good AI chess program or engine (Toledo Chess based?). It has to use iterative (non-recursive) algorithm, because of recursion depth limitation of MMBasic (100)...

Gateway to Apshai

Real time combat Computer Role Playing Game Gateway to Apshai clone


A Zenji clone where the player rotates sections of a pipe network to connect the source with the other pipe sections.

Chess Variant Creator

Create your own chess board up to 16 by 16 squares in size and create your own pieces that move on this board.

Cave Rescue

A H.E.R.O. clone game in which the player rescues miners in caves.

3d space trading game

should be as close to Original BBC version as possible. Including the missions and correect planet names end such. Use of the draw3d routines on the cmm2

Wavy Navy

Clone of Wavy Navy shoot’em up at sea clone


The card game Hearts, 4 players, 3 are computer opponents

ARM assembler
Assembler to CSUB converter

This should be simple (macro) assembler, that provides CSUB code from Thumb/2 source code.
- output is .INC file, that can be included into BASIC program
- built-in macro for feeding the watch dog
- maybe on begin just use output from this or this and convert it into CSUB
- support for parameters in CSUB

CMM2 Micromite Editor and Programmer
For running virtual circuits and loading up programm to MMBASIC-flashed PICs

Just look at the Microbridge and imagine the CMM2 could do the hardware-job parallelly offering a dry run, probably GUI-supported and graphically visualized. (>

Apple II emulator

exists in javascript might be fast enough on the cmm in Basic ;-)

Ray Tracer

ScummVM interpreter