Akalabeth 1 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 14-10-2022 19:51:31) UPDATE
Ultima 0 ported to the CMM2

Originally written by Richard Garriott in 1979 for the Apple ][ computer, Akalabeth is seen as the first game in the Ultima series. Re-live computer adventure gaming from over 40 years ago as you strive for knighthood by performing quests for Lord British. Travel the land, purchase supplies and battle monsters in the depths of dungeons as you work towards becoming a knight.

Boxes and dots 0.41 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 23-04-2021 01:29:10) UPDATE
Pencil and paper game

Boxes and Dots, the classic pencil and paper game, written for your Colour Maximite 2 with a mouse. Compete against your computer to capture boxes. Take turns connecting adjacent dots together with lines. Players score a box whenever they close the fourth side. The winner is the first to capture more than half of the squares.

Chemical Chaos 1.3 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 09-02-2021 00:02:50) UPDATE
Addictive logical game

There is chaos and confusion all through the chemistry lab! The chemicals have been mixed and mingled. Your task is to combat the chaos and restore order by sorting the chemicals. Move the coloured balls one by one until each test tube contains a single colour. However, you can not drop a ball on a different coloured one!
Runs on the Colour Maximite 2 and uses the keyboard or a mouse.

Cobo2 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 23-04-2021 01:26:12) UPDATE
Billiard like game

There Can Only Be One! Finish each level by knocking all but one ball from the field. However, balls cannot be tossed directly off the edge and at least one empty spot is required in the direction of travel.
Written for the original Colour Maximite in 2013, I updated this in 2020 for the new Colour Maximite 2 to take advantage of the improved screen resolution. Choose a numbered ball and fling it in the desired direction.

Crate Away 1.5 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 16-02-2021 00:44:12) UPDATE
Addictive logical game

Feeling pushy? Get to work and push crates away to position them correctly. Just watch out, because you cannot pull them back.
This program is a CMM2 version of the classic Sokoban. Use the arrow keys to move the player around the level. Advance to the next level by pushing each crate to a target square.
The program recognizes standard formatted level files so you can find thousands more levels on the internet from sites such as this.

Escape to the Green Hills (One-screen version) by Vegipete (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:06:17) UPDATE
3D maze game

This game won the 3rd place in CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

The alien command pyramid is hovering just above the ground. Your job is to navigate the maze like pyramid and find and activate the self-destruct device. Others have tried before you but apparently without success. We hope someone has left a message for you. As far as we know, all levels except the smallest one near the top, where we can infiltrate you, have an item of interest. But beware! Some of those items are likely to be aliens, greenish blobs according to reports. Destroy the pyramid to save the green hills, and hopefully escape out of the lowest level to tell the tale.

FalFus2 r4 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 14-02-2021 22:49:40) UPDATE
Logic puzzle game

Slide matching tiles together to make them vanish.
Decades ago, I wrote a logic puzzle game for my Apple //gs with a Second Sight VGA card. Falfus was based on the game Puzznic. The goal was to clear each level by sliding matching tiles together. Two or more of the same tile touching along any edge would fuse and vanish with a pop. The player can slide tiles sideways only, and tiles fall when unsupported. After some fun extracting files from my Apple //gs, here it is, ported to the Colour Maximite 2. Uses a Nunchuk if found or the keyboard.

Green Hills Saga by Vegipete (GAME, updated 23-04-2021 01:56:59) UPDATE
Game trilogy

March, 2021 was the month of the (perhaps first) Maximite One Page Programming challenge. The essential rule was, create the most amazing program possible using just a single built-in editor page of source text. Loosely modeled after the long running BASIC 10-Liner Competition, a full editor page was chosen to enable the creation of really polished programs.
I quickly whipped up as close a clone as possible of the classic Space Invaders, which fit comfortably within the size limit of 48 lines of 100 characters in the CMM2 editor. For silliness, I chose the name In Defence of the Green Hills of Earth. I decided to keep going and created a Missile Command clone, titled In Renewed Defence of the Green Hills. But why stop there? For my pièce de résistance, I was able to compress an eight level 3-D maze program into a single page. Escape to the Green Hills was my actual contest entry and was worth third place! Awesome!

Lunar Lander 2 v0.73 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 23-04-2021 01:38:21) UPDATE
Classic game

The lunar surface awaits. All you need to do is land. In one piece.
This game for the Colour Maximite 2 is a community effort by a number of members from The Back Shed Microcontroller Forum. I quickly cobbled a version together in July, 2020. Others enjoyed it enough to add sound, improved graphics and an instrument panel. I added some more at the end, including an explosion with shrapnel for those lander pilots determined to leave a spectacular crater. Fun was had by all.

MaxiCalc 0.06 by Vegipete (BUSINESS, updated 27-03-2021 22:51:02) UPDATE
Spreadsheet Calculator

It's not just about games, OK?
Over 40 years ago, VisiCalc turned the Apple ][ computer into a valuable business tool. MaxiCalc won't do the same with the CMM2 but you will be able to have some spreadsheet fun with this program. And the 1024x768 screen resolution will show you far more spreadsheet goodness in one view than the Apple ][ ever could.

Rocks in space v0.1 by Vegipete (GAME, updated 02-04-2022 10:17:16) UPDATE
A copy of Asteroids for the CMM2. What more is there to say?

This program redraws the entire image every frame. The number on the bottom left is the time taken to draw the screen. The program is set to start a new redraw every 35 milliseconds. If the image frames start to take longer than this, then things could start to get laggy. It takes many many things on screen to get to this, a testament to just how fast the CMM2 BASIC interpreter runs.