Gravity Assist (One-screen version) by Tim Dorrington (TimD) (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:06:29) UPDATE
Action game

This game won the 2nd place in CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

The spaceship is stranded with only enough fuel for one last short engine burn; help it get back to the space station by selecting the correct angle using the left & right cursor keys then pressing [Enter] to ignite the engine, using the gravity of the surrounding planets to get it home. Watch out for the black hole – it’s barely visible but has a very strong gravitational field!
There are 30 levels, and each level has only one solution. At the beginning of the game, you can skip to a later level by entering the appropriate 4-letter code – otherwise, just press [Enter] to start at level 1.