2x20 Connector Breakout 2 by Lance Benson (lizby) (HARDWARE, updated 26-05-2021 19:14:12) UPDATE
Experimenter Board

This PCB breaks out the pins in the 2x20 expansion port on the CMM2 with particular emphasis on the ports: COM1 & 2, SPI & SPI2, I2C & I2C2. Eleven individual pins are brought out to 3-pin headers (0V, 3V3, and signal) as suited to the "37 sensors" type kits. More information and links to the EagleCad gerber and .sch and .pcb files are here.

That site also provides an MMBasic program which exercises most of the pins.

The gerber zip file can be sent directly to Five PCBs can be ordered for $2US--probably $10 or so with shipping.

Chemi Chaos (Redux) (One-screen version) by Lance Benson (lizby) (GAME/CHALLENGES, updated 23-04-2021 19:05:44) UPDATE
Logical game

This game was made for CMM1&2 BASIC Programming Challenge 2021 (one screen programs max. 48 rows by 100 columns)
Video on YT about this program is HERE.

The object is to sort the vials so that all balls of the same color are in the same vial. There are 10 rounds to play.
(Derived with permission from the original ChemiChaos game by @vegipete.)